Monday, November 24, 2008

Patriots in India Walking Tall and Carrying a Big Stick: While Wearing a Pink Dress! by Kshatriya

In Uttar Pradesh, northern India, a group of women all dressed in pink, is fighting back against corrupt government. They are known as the "Gulabi Gang". Gulabi means "pink". They wear all pink saris. A sari is the traditional Indian dress. The fearless leader of the Gulabi Gang is 47 year old Sampat Devi. Sampat is a mother of five and has no formal education. Sampats gang of vigilante women has grown to over 200 members. They each carry a traditional Indian fighting stick known as a lathi. Sampat trains the women herself, showing them how to defend and how to attack. These women frequently pull corrupt politicians out of their offices or cars, and give them a sound beating. A few months ago a poor village woman was raped by a wealthy and powerful man. The police refused to investigate the case. People from the girls village protested in front of the police station and were arrested and thrown in jail. Then Sampat and her pink Sari gang took action. Police tried to stop them from entering the station house. Sampat and her pink army commenced beating the officer into submission. They then entered the station house and forced police to release the innocent protesters. Sampat then demanded that the rapist be taken to trial. In another case, two trucks full of grain were to be distributed to starving villagers. The grain was stolen by corrupt government officials. Sampat and her pink sari gang surrounded the trucks, liberated the stolen grain, and distributed it to the hungry people. So far, the pink sari gang has been charged with unlawful assembly, rioting, attacking a government official, and obstruction of justice. It sounds like our patriot movement here in America could learn some lessons from these women who "walk softly and carry a big stick". Sampat herself is quoted as saying: "We don't want donations or handouts. We don't want appeasment or affirmative action. Give us work, pay us proper wages and restore our dignity." Sampat also said, "We are a gang for justice." The Patriot Cave salutes Sampat and her couragious team of lionheart women. Whoever it was that said " a government should be afraid of the people, the people should not be afraid of the government" was absolutely right.

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