Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Auto Industry Wants Your Money!

We've all heard the back and forth regarding the so called "bailout" of the BIG three auto-makers. The numbers say that their sales have dropped 40 or 50 % in the last year. That may be. That, I do not dispute. What really chaps my hide though is the charade that the government is playing. First they made a big show out of telling the big 3 that they could not have the money. Which is a joke. You and I both know they are going to get that 25 billion dollars. Then they try to look "wise" and seasoned by telling the big 3 that they are going to have to "prove" that the 25 billion will be used constructively ( yet AIG had a multi-million dollar party when they got their welfare check!). So now so many people are caught up in this totally scripted TV show called THE FINANCIAL BAILOUT. Well dont believe it brothers and sisters, it is a lie. I will prove it. Right now. Here it is: The big 3 claim they need us, the American tax payers, to cut them a 25 billion dollar welfare check. For what?! To boost sales? Take a look around bretheren. What do you see? In any small town or medium town you see car lots. Car lots chock full of brand new cars. 50 cars in a row. 20 cars of the same make and model. Row after row. Lot after lot. Town after town with 3 or 4 lots. City after city with 30 or 40 car lots. Some big cities have over one hundred car lots! And they are all full of brand new cars! So what the hell are the BIG-DADDY THREE going to do with OUR 25 billion dollars? I know what they aint gonna do. They aint gonna sell more cars. Because we dont have any cash as it is right? And after we give the big 3 the $ 25,000,000,000 welfare check, we will be even more broke. So how in the hell is taking more of the people's money going to help sell more cars when there are fifty million brand new cars sitting out there in the lots already? We have'nt bought those cars in the lot. And we are not going to buy the ones they crank out with the welfare check. The real poop on this deal has nothing to do with saving jobs or the auto industry. Its just more powerful lobbyists getting a piece of the American pie before somebody eats the last piece. While WE THE PEOPLE all get to take a bite of the shit sandwich we never ordered in the first place. Moral of the story: Dont believe a damn thing you hear in the papers, on the news, or from mainstream media. Get some.

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