Saturday, December 27, 2008

Do You Feel That? It's Happening.

We are all connected sisters and brothers. Like spokes of a great wheel, at one end we are seemingly seperate, disconnected. But at the center of the wheel, all of the spokes are connected. This is why you start thinking about a certain person, just a few moments before they call you on the phone, or show up at your door for a surprise visit. This is why two people can share a common thought in a moment of synchronicity. Or why a mother will know her child is in danger, from a thousand miles away. +++ Scientists have conducted experiments where two attached molecules are split apart. One is sent in a direction, while the other is sent in the opposite direction. When they are miles away from each other, one of the molecules will be acted upon by some outside force such as a laser beam. The incredible thing about this experiment is that BOTH molecules will react to the laser beam even though the laser was only shot at one of them. The molecules react at exactly the same moment in real time, even though they are seperated by 7 or 8 miles. There have been many such experiments which strongly suggest that on some level, everything is connected, like spokes on the wheel. +++ Something is happening today. I can feel it in my gut. I know many of you see no reason to be concerned with the present state of affairs in the world today. And I know the reason why you don't see it. Its because you are not looking. Turn off that poison electronic propaganda machine sitting in your living room. Take a few deep breaths, and extend the perimeter of your perception out to the edges of this blue gem we're riding on. And just feel. Perceive. +++ Right now you would feel an unsettling vibration. There is a war raging within the unseen realms. Some would call these realms the astral plane. Some call it the ether. Many describe it as a war in heaven. Regardless of what you call it, if you quiet your mind and your senses, and ask God or your higher power to reveal it to you, you will perceive the great battle of our time, raging on the plane of conciousness. Before a phenomena or physical object manifests on this material plane, it exists or vibrates on the plane of origin. Then the subtle energy it is made up of, gets converted into gross vibration, matter, or physical action and becomes manifest on this material plane. Black holes are the power converters which take matter back to spirit. And stars, like our own Sun, are the power converters which bring mind-stuff into physical manifestation. We as human beings are also equiped with a mini version of a star or sun. We too are power transformers capable of stepping up subtle energy and causing it to manifest, right before our very eyes. +++ In light of these observations, I am here to warn you that what is now occuring in the subtle planes, will soon be manifest here on this physical plane, on our world. And what is happening is WAR. World War I is behind us. World War II is behind us. World War III is upon us. Even at our very door. In concert with this horrible reality will be the Great Depression II in the USA. What I am trying to do is shake you until you wake up and realize that unless you plan on depending on government to protect you and feed you and your family, you must make preparations now. As Joseph advised the Egyptians to store up grain for seven years against the impending famine. This you must do if your family is to survive. If you do not believe these dark sayings, at least keep your eyes open for the signs of the times. But if you will be still and watch, and ask for eyes to see and ears to hear; You will see. You will hear. God have mercy on us. Listen to how World War III is in the making: