Thursday, December 11, 2008

Doomsday: 2012 and the Crystal Skulls (Part I) by kshatriya

With all the talk of 2012, Mayan calanders, crystal skulls, and Doomsday predictions, anyone with a pulse is wondering what the truth of these matters is. Some experts say that on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 universal time, our planet and all life upon it will be destroyed. Others claim that this day will usher in cosmic changes, possibly even the second coming of Christ. What are we to think? There are hundreds of books and theories prediciting the two extremes mentioned above, and everything in between. I will tell you what I know about it. If you subscribe to the "ignorance is bliss" school of thought, stop right here. You will not want the truth. Go back to soap-opera dot com and find out what Vince did to MaryAnne or whatever. For the rest of you brave souls who value truth above all else, read on. The reason we are hearing such a wild variety of predictions regarding 2012, is that researchers are specialized. They are forming their analysis based on their particular scientific discipline. So they are compartmentalized, and only see one facet of the multi-faceted storm brewing on our galactic horizon. Lets put the puzzle pieces together. Before a tsunami hits, the sea pulls back and becomes eerily calm. Then comes the giant wave of destruction. The strange quietness of our Sun, noticed by many this year, is one facet. Its the calm before the storm. Another facet to this perfect storm is galactic center. Earth is begining to pass through it now. So in addition to our Sun getting ready to bombard us with 100x the amount of normal radiation, we will be passing through an intense band of energy pulsing out from the center of our Milky-Way galaxy. This is why archeologists find vast underground cities and tunnel networks all over the world. The ancients had to go deep into the earth in order to survive. This is also why the billionairs built the Doomsday seed vault under the arctic ice shelf close to the north pole. Its a modern day Noah's ark. This is also why our government uses black-budget money to build underground mega-cities here in the USA. Many are known to the public, many are not. Whenever you hear about a few trillion dollars "missing", that is money that went into Doomsday underground cities, for the super-wealthy families, government v.i.p.s, and select groups of people chosen for genetic reasons... ( continued tomorrow in Part II )