Friday, December 12, 2008

Doomsday, 2012, and the Crystal Skulls- pt.II by kshatriya

Whenever you hear about a few trillion dollars "missing", that is money that went into Doomsday underground cities, for the super-wealthy families, government v.i.p.s, and select groups of people chosen for genetic reasons, for "breeding". So we see the government insiders and illuminati families preparing for a world shaking cataclysm. They know something is coming. Most people these days believe that our current state of technology is the most advanced that has ever been on this planet. That is a lie. For a fantastic, scientific examination of advanced technology from the ancient past, I recommend you go to "the" and read Max Igan's free e-book: "Earth's Forbidden Secrets". There you will learn about our ancient past, and the secrets that have been kept from the public. You will learn about the crystal skulls. In a nutshell, the crystal skulls are ancient artifacts that were made by a technologically advanced society. Modern day human beings with all available technology cannot reproduce the crystal skulls. We do not know how they were made. Point blank, they were made by a civilization who was more advanced than we are. And evidence all over the planet yields the fingerprints of these ancient advanced civilizations. Everywhere that their clues were left, there are elaborate underground tunnels and complex networks and chambers. Ancient myths speak of the wise ones who came out from underground after the floods, ice ages, and other cataclysms. The Hopi prophecy speaks of three "shakings" of the world. The first one was World War I. The second shaking was World War II. And the third shaking will come when you see men living permanently inside a "house" in the sky. The International Space Station is the permanent house in the sky. The prophecy says when men become women, and women become men, the third shaking is near. So here we are. The elders say the people who return to the old ways will survive. But the people who cling to the evil ways will not survive. People who live in "prairies of stone" will perish when the Earth shakes for the third time. The Hopis say their prophecy always has at least two ways it could go depending on what choices we make. As for me and my house, we are returning to the old ways. Living in symbiotic harmony with the land. Growing natural heirloom seed gardens. Drinking clean water. Living a simple, quiet life instead of running the rat race. Communing with the Great Spirit. We choose Light, Love, God, and Life. Then if mountains crumble, if the sky falls, if planets X, Y, and Z come smashing through our atmosphere, we will be at peace, with no regrets, knowing we did the right thing for ourselves, our family, our nation, our world, and our Spirit.