Monday, December 29, 2008

The Four Horsemen are Saddling Up --- by Joel Harford

Israel is pounding Gaza with air strikes. Infantry have assembled for an imminent ground invasion into Palestine. Muslims all over the world are out in the street protesting. Hundreds of people. children and women, are being killed right now as I write this, as you read this. This is the beginning of the Endtime wars. The illuminati have had this planned for nearly 100 years. All three world wars have been planned by Luciferian's sitting in high temporal and spiritual seats. They manipulate our emotions by showing us video clips and images. They embed these images with subliminal cues. And now they are pissing off Islam. Today Israel targeted symbols of Islamic culture. Did you catch that? Illuminati-controlled Israel dropped bombs on SYMBOLS of Islamic culture. Please give that some deep thought. What is being executed in Palestine today are Luciferian psy-ops. Psychological operations designed to manipulate mass consciousness. That is why Israel is blowing up Mosques, to piss off Muslims all over the world. They are doing it to expand WAR. So when you hear these liars, these sick puppet pervert-bastard whore politicians talking about "peace" in the middle east, please realize that they are toying with your mind. Please realize that they think you are stupid. +++ Think about the timing bretheren and sisteren; India's army is massed on the border of Pakistan. Pakistan's army is massed on the border of India. These countries have nuclear missiles. So here they are, a showdown, waiting to see who will flinch, India or Pakistan. Then Israel invades Palestine, attacking symbols which represent Islam everywhere. In light of the saber rattling between Iran and Israel, and speculation about an imminent Israeli invasion of Iran, it is clear that the timing of these pre-scripted psy-ops could not have been better for those whose job it is to start World War III. And all this happening less than 30 days before January 22nd; the date given by Joe Biden in his cryptic statement regarding a coming world shaking crisis of global scope and size. +++ So what's next on the script? A false flag terror event which will piss off non-Muslims of course! I'm not going to try to convince you to prepare your family for the coming tribulation. Because if you have not decided by now to prepare, with all the writing on the wall confronting rational minds, then I doubt you will heed my warning. But I will say this: The food shortage has already begun. In 2009 it will be full-blown, world-wide famine. Its all simple math. The four horsemen are saddling up cousin. What are you going to do?