Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Mega Collapse of 2009: Curse or Blessing?

So here we are sisters and brothers, on the eve of destruction so to speak. The clones will not be able to hide behind their denial and sarcasm for much longer. Big trouble is brewing. A storm is coming. And this aint no normal storm. This storm has been brewing for five thousand years. Think of it. The times we find ourselves in, even now, right now, have literally split a world age, an epoch. The prophet Isaiah foresaw these times. Daniel was given glimpses of our time. The Lord Jesu Himself spoke of this age we find ourselves in. The ancient Maya ENDED their astonishingly accurate calendar in this decade we are in. And what are we doing? Isaiah is watching you across an ocean of time; what are you doing? We have free will. It is our birthright. Our divine right. With that free will comes choices. Forks in the road. Which road are you on? Which path are you leading your family down? I pray you are not wasting time. Wasting precious, historic, time. Every minute counts. Now more than ever. Time is speeding up, and the consequences of each choice we make, each action we take, or fail to take, will be amplified exponentially. The choices we make in these crucial years as we draw closer to 2012 will echo across time-space forever, there will be no second chance. Do not forget that an ancient Evil, so wicked, so sensual, has but one goal in this great battle: YOUR SOUL, and the souls of the ones you love. For their sake brothers and sisters, dont sit there doing nothing. Dont watch that brainwash-box any longer. There is no time for it. I pray you will set your house in order. As with anything, start with praying. Start with the foundation. Forget about being embarrassed, pull your family together, holding hands, and pray. Pray for strength, courage, skill. Then be up and doing. Get your heirloom seeds, your food supply, your medical supplies, and all of the essentials. And dont let up. Because there is no time to let up. The Evil one even now, is releasing powerful demons into the atmosphere, more legions than he has ever released before. He has been given leave to do this. Know this: He has released a major demon into the air JUST FOR YOU. You cannot defend yourself and your family if you're sitting around watching TV. It is time for spiritual battle. One day, these times we are now in, will be the scriptures of old. How will you be remembered?

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Jimmy said...

There is a storm coming, and it has been brewing since time began. We probably won't even live to see the climax of it all, as we live only on the pivot point. The economy and all that shit aside of course. I don't know where it all will end, or where it leads, but I have a horse and a gun so I'm not overly worried. More impatient than worried..