Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Morgellons Disease Is Caused By Genetically-Modified Food!

Morgellons Disease comes from eating "frankenfood", also known as genetically modified food. Morgellons disease is rapidly popping up everywhere in the USA. The agrobacterium that Monsanto uses to mutate the genetics of God's green vegetables, is causing HUMAN SKIN to mutate! People are seeing multi-colored synthetic fibers growing out of their skin. The fibers also grow under the skin. Morgellons sufferers frequently report intense itching, crawling, burning pain under the skin. The pain is so bad that some victims have commited suicide to end the pain and mental anguish that comes with having been genetically raped by Monsicko. People are breaking out in hideous lesions and excruciating rashes all over their body. Pets are even reported to have died, with the telltale multicolored fiberglass-like growths protruding from around the eyeballs, in the eye sockets, and all manner of other places. This is deadly serious sisters and brothers. These sick New World Order corporations like Monsanto are destroying Mother Nature. They are murdering nature. They are killing our childrens future. Listen folks, we have to draw the line right here and right now. 80% of the food we eat here in the USA is GMO deathfood. Eighty percent! And rising. And now the super-wealthy corrupt lobbyists from Monsicko are fixing it so that our food does not have to be labled, does not give us a warning that we are eating something that will cause synthetic rainbow colored fiberglass to grow on our brain! Good God people. This is raw, evil technology. We cant let this go. If you dont do something about this, you will watch in horror as Morgellons disease claims your loved one's in a horrible, evil, agonizing torturous death. WE HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE WE KNOW THAT UNLESS YOU ARE EATING HEIRLOOM SEED PRODUCE, AND/OR MEAT THAT WAS RAISED ON HEIRLOOM GRAIN, YOU ARE CHANGING THE DNA OF THE BODY. SETTING THE BODY UP FOR UNGODLY MUTATIONS AND AGONIZING DEATH. Not to mention the utter and complete destruction of our beautiful blue Earth. Get the word out please. Do a search-engine search on Morgellons, and e-mail info to everyone you know. Tell them they can get the best deal on heirloom seeds at . Big John has came down out of the mountains with a calling, a purpose, a mission from God. His mission is to fight the New World Order and their genetic abomination called GMO crops. Without these heirloom seeds we dont stand a chance brothers and sisters. Do not believe mainstream media when they say Morgellons is psychosomatic (all in your head). This is REAL. And they will twist the truth, hide the truth, attempt to destroy the truth. So dont you believe their lies. You cant bury your head in the sand this time. There will be only death and synthetic suffering unless YOU do something. Get informed. Spread the knowledge. Get heirloom seeds. And fight for what is right. These genetic fibers grow on the brain and cause people to go mad from the agonizing itch in their head. You know this is where we draw the line. Come on people. We are better than this.