Monday, December 1, 2008

New World Order Scientists Are So Proud! by kshatriya

Oh those scientists are so boastful and proud. They give all glory to man. All one need do is look at any newspaper. It will sing the praises of man. How man created an artificial heart. Dr. Jarvic's robot heart, the Jarvic-7, was declared a miracle! It kept Barney Clark alive for 112 days. 112 days of readjustments, unbearable pain, and frequent mega-dose injections of antibiotics. But lets give credit where it is due, Jarvic I'm sure is a brilliant man. But who created a heart which keeps a person alive for 100 years? Ring any bells? And how about the robot dog? The New World Order is very excited about this. They produce one artificial dog, after spending 500 million dollars that could have fed millions of children who recently died of starvation. One robo-dog they produce. And they are hailed as creative genius. Never mind that the Lord creates 10 million dogs per day, of several hunrdred varieties. Bloodhounds for tracking. Dobermans for guarding. Bird-dogs for fowling. Blueticks for hunting. And so on. And what about cloning and so-called creating life? Scientists claim to be on the verge of "creating" life in a test tube. When it happens the world will bow down to them again no doubt. Yet they give no credit to God who is joining spirit with matter a million times a day, every baby which is born. Every animal, every fish, insect, bird, germ, bacteria. We men are especially proud of our flying machines. I'm guilty of it too. We love to go to airshows and marvel at the latest military flying death-dealer. We recite the statistics. It can fly at mach 3.5 buddy! Damn! Wow! Well thats all fine and dandy, but lets put it in perspective. What about the flying machine that we're flying in right now? It's cruising easily at around 65,000 miles per hour. Not bad eh? So you see, when man invents a machine that can say a few words, or take a few steps, the world takes notice and gives praise. How many give praise to the true Creator? Everything we need has already been made. There is no new thing under the sun. I just want to say: "You are amazing Lord, all this life, all these worlds and galaxies and unknown universes. Thank You my Lord and my God."

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