Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Police Brutality! Cops Tazer A Man Suffering From Diabetic Coma, by kshatriya

Police in Oklahoma saw fit to administer repeated discharges with a tazer, on a man who was in a diabetic coma. Reports of tazer abuse by public servants are coming in almost on an hourly basis these days. Included at the bottom of this post is a link to the news video so you may see it for yourself. The police chief is seen on the video trying to justify what the officers did. Notice that officers is plural. There was more than one cop there at the scene. Yet the officer went for his tazer right away, even though they had the coma victim outnumbered at least 3 to 1, and surrounded. I want to point out a few things to you which I feel can shed light on this New World Order Psych-Ops propaganda campaign. +++ As you view the news video, notice this: there is an officer in the truck with the coma victim. Now you the viewer are allowed to see only a short clip of the cruiser-cam police video. You get to see the part they want you to see. But ask yourself this: What events led up to the police officer actually getting in the victims truck on the passenger side? Have you ever had a cop GET IN your vehicle and sit down on the passenger side while you are in the driver side? No, of course not. My point is this: These three police officers were talking at the coma victim for some period of time. The man could not function, he was in a diabetic coma. So then one of the 3 officers got inside the victim's truck, on the passenger side so that he would be in a position to push the victim out of the vehicle. Listen carefully to the audio. The police officer is saying in a very exxagerated and staged voice: "Sir! Stop resisting sir!" (TAZE...) "Sir! Cooperate sir!" (TAZE...) . I'll tell you this brothers and sisters. That clip you see is total Bullspit. Number one when cops are in a real spontaneous situation with somebody who is REALLY resisting, they dont call the resistor "sir", they cuss. And so would I if somebody was possibly going to shoot me or something. Thats not the point. The point is that you can tell by the officers voice, demeanor, and the actual positions of their body, that they were making sure it looked like the victim was resisting arrest. They had to push the guy out of the truck and hold him up to keep him from falling for god's sake. Yet they proceeded to administer the tazer. This is NWO psy-ops. They are trying to instill fear in the public using the modern day whip, which is what the tazer is. Thats why police tazered a boy who fell 20 feet and broke his back. Cops tazered that boy 17 times. Now please think about that for a minute. They tazed a grandma at a sports stadium a week or two ago for sitting in the wrong seat. +++++++ Police are public servants. They are put there in that position, that job, by US the tax payers. They are sworn by oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. So when you hear or see of public servants breaking their oaths, and using totally unneeded violence upon the elderly, the very young, the very sick or injured, and the helpless, please realize that what you are seeing is a command from the top of the illuminati pervert pyramid. A command carried out by officers lacking the backbone to use their god-given instincts, morals, common-sense, and human dignity. Its time to stand up and when this happens in your community, sound off about it. Make them accountable for it. Bring the media attention in. Dont just let it slide on by in shadows of time. You are alive. Make it count. The video link is directly to the left. ++++++++++ <----------------------------------------- <------------------------- <------------

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