Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Lap Around The Great Ball of Fire - 2009

Congratulations fellow patriots, on successfully completing another orbit around our local star. A year ago today I told my wife and a few other people that 2008 would be the last year of the Republic, the last year of the United States as we know it. Was I right? Yes, I was right. The United States of America was invaded from within and overtaken in a financial coup d' etat operating through and within the executive branch of the federal government. The checks and balances put in place by the founding fathers have been destroyed. We now have an executive branch founded upon corruption. The executive branch has usurped power from the legislative branch. Executive orders have given the president dictatorial powers far beyond the parameters described in the Constitution. America has become a mutated amalgamation of corporate fascism, communism, socialism, and now with Barack Obama at the helm, a cult of personality. The federal government now has its own secret police and its own private army. This private army exists in the gray area between law and order. This army of paid mercenaries is not bound by the uniform code of military justice. And it is not obligated to obey civilian law either. The corrupt and illegitimate whores working for corrupt and illegitimate corporations, while disguised as senators and congressmen, have placed this dark army above the law, between the law, and outside of any and all law. How convenient this force must be to a treasonous cabal of secret society "good-ol-baws". The sheer arrogance of these disgusting guns for hire has been demonstrated on the streets of Iraq many times, as these pisswater mercenaries shot innocent families driving down the road on their way to the grocery store. Yes. These imitations of life consider shooting Moms and Dads and sons and daughters a SPORT! They shoot family pets right in front of the children as the father stands humiliated and helpless with tears of rage rolling down his face. All the while Americas' worst of the worst is laughing it up as they push the men and boys around and run their hands over young girls bodies in a disgusting display of immoral perversion. THIS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW. And you can choose to turn away and ignore it, like so many German people did, Germans who HAD morals, good Christian Germans who KNEW what they were seeing was wrong. They knew that killing innocent families, ripping babies right out of their mothers arms and pushing the Mother onto a death train, WAS WRONG. They knew it was wrong. But they gave in to fear and did nothing. They sold their soul that very first time, when they witnessed the raw evil and said nothing, did nothing. They sold their soul. Was their soul worth it? So you ask yourself if your soul is worth it. Because its happening right here right now. Police are torturing innocent people with tazors everyday. Amish people get their doors kicked in, and armed secret police point machine guns at their children, holding them at gunpoint for 8 hours. Then the secret gestapo STEAL thousands of dollars in food and farm equipment from these good people. The SS kill their sheep. This happened in my home state of Ohio not 3 weeks ago. Google "LaGrange Ohio food co-op" and you will see for yourself. What "crime" do these families commit that would cause such an overwhelming force of machine-gun toting men in black ski masks to come bashing in? Here is the crime: the people were selling milk and eggs to their neighbors. Yes. And the big agricultural whore corporations don't like us feeding each other wholesome food. They want to jam melamine poisoned food down our throats so we can get cancer. And since our whore politicians have already sold their souls, they obey their corporate masters, and they give the order for the SS gestapo secret executive army to raid innocent people who sell wholesome eggs and milk. Its happening folks. These corporations are taking over our country. They laugh and laugh because everyone is too busy watching TV, football, gossip shows, and other mindless pastimes, to even see what is going on. And when someone like Alex Jones or Big John Lipscomb tells you what is going on, you choose to believe some fool on FOX news who has LIED to your face, over, and over again. 2008 was the year we let parasitic blood-sucking corporations shit on our children's future. And if that language offends you good. And that would just figure too. You will be offended by a word on a page, but not offended when a doctor injects a known poison into your child (mercury). And not offended when the constitution your Dad and your uncles and your Grandfathers and mothers fought and died for so that YOU COULD BE FREE, is torn to shreds before our very eyes. Stop watching that Gald damn TV people and wake the hell up. Or 2009 will be the year America signs its rights over to the New World Order. And the New World Order has plans for familes like yours, just like Hitler did. They plan to take your children from you. They believe that the government has rights over children, NOT parents. THIS IS HAPPENING. AND SO IS THE END OF THIS SICK AND CORRUPT EVIL. But YOU must say something. Thats all. Just say "THAT IS WRONG! AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT BY GOD, I AM A MAN. I AM A WOMAN. I AM A MOM OR A DAD OR A GRANDMA OR GRANDPA AND YOU WILL NOT DESTROY MY CHILDREN OR THEIR FUTURE!