Saturday, January 10, 2009

When I was a Kid --- by kshatriya

When I was a kid my cousin Aaron would come stay at our house for a week. We were more like brothers than cousins. We would go to the woods, and take the Dunedain with us. The Dunedain was a legend of a dog. I had him from the time I was 11 until I was 17. He followed me everywhere. I lived in Columbus, Ohio back then, in the big city. Columbus has about one million residents if you count the outerbelt suburbs. But the Dunedain would not take a leash, big city or not. When I went to the arcade he would sit outside watching me through the window. He was so loyal. He would kill groundhogs and eat them. He would chew the leg off, open up the belly, and pull the intestines out like a 30 foot spaghetti noodle. The Dunedain weighed about 55 lbs., but he would fight dogs twice his size. He once battled two 90 lb. hunting dogs at the same time, plus the two dogs owner was lashing the Dunedain with a chain. He kicked all three of their softbatch asses. Yeah, so me and Aaron would spend a week together, in the glorious Summers of our youth, just laughing and swinging on vines in the woods, and sitting on the railroad trestle bridge, climbing trees, watching karate movies together at night and monster movies like King Kong and Godzilla. Then the day always came when my Aunt Shelly would come from Cleveland and take Aaron back home. I would go to my room and try to deal with the intense feelings of loss I was experiencing. My heart would feel empty. And sorrow would trickle down my young face. But in time I would begin thinking about other things. And the empty place in my heart would begin to fill back up. But it would never fill back up all the way. +++++++ I have been having difficulties at my job. I work at a carryout as cashier/lottery clerk. Many of the customers are good people. But some of the regular customers are foul, rude, ignorant and vile. People think that just because they are spending a few bucks that they can treat the clerk like shit. Well I have been dealing with this for going on two years. And lately a group of goons have been coming in trying to get me going. They fan out so you cant track what they are doing. Then they come up to the counter in a group and start the rudeness and the stare-down. Then you get your rude old ladies who come in and complain EVERY day. And the compulsive gamblers who blame the clerk for selling them losing tickets, after they just spent their entire weeks pay-check on scratch-off lottery tickets. I could go on and on but I wont. Anyway, yesterday I turned in my notice to the boss. I told her its really getting to me and I must change up. I asked her to phase me out of the lineup. Then a curious thing happened. When I got home, I got my rye bread and sat down to eat it. I always listen to Dont Tread On Me with Big John Lipscomb when I get home, while I'm eating. His guest was NATOG, a survivalist blogger. I believe his blog is . Anyway, at 11:00 PM Ohio time, I always listen to Big John's DTOM show on a different network, Americanvoiceradio. And I was shocked to hear that Big John is pulling out of radio. He explained that he needs to get back to the homesteader life and have more family time. And he talked about his project with the Indigenous tribes, and helping the tribes grow pure heirloom seeds and build their own heirloom seed vault. The show will still air, but there will be different guest hosts each night. I just want to say that I am happy for Big John. Because I know he will be happier out on the homestead with his family and his horse and donkeys, chickens, goats and dogs. He came out of the mountains to deliver a message to us who live in "the Beast". That message was: "Leave the city, leave the Beast system of slaving your life away just so you can die in some nursing home while the government scoops up that building you thought you owned." John urged us to become homesteaders. In the tradition of our pioneer ancestors. Living a simpler life. Growing heirloom crops and avoiding Monsanto death seeds. Big John said much more also. To hear it, just go to American Voice Radio, and find the archives for Dont Tread On Me. Like I said, I am happy for John. But I will miss listening to him. I will miss that so much. I never missed a DTOM show. Even when he was back on Republic Broadcast Network. And the ones that came on when I was working, I listened to "on demand" when I got home. But I find it curious that on the very day that I decided enough is enough at my job, Big John steps off of the airwaves. I feel that this is more than coincidence. I feel that on some deep level, I put my notice in at work because my heart knows the mega-collapse is imminent. Its coming down within the next month. I had no idea Big John was going to do that. I had worked that job for 23 months. I could have picked any other day to decide I need to get out. But I did it on the exact same day as a man who I know to be in tune with the Spiritual side of things. So I consider this an omen brethren. Something is coming down very soon. I wonder if any of you out there had any similar experiences yesterday (Friday Jan. 9th). If you did, or even if you want to comment about this blog or Big John Lipscomb, e-mail me at --- . I will answer your e-mail. I have been asked by Big John on the air to be one of the rotating guest-hosts. I am hoping some of you will give me some feedback. I dont know if you guys want to hear me or not. Whenever I try to dialog with other patriot bloggers and groups, I get stonewalled alot. I know my blog is a lot different from most survivalist blogs, and some times people shun those who are different. Plus I feel in my gut that some of the other bloggers in the survivalist networks, are unsure about me. Thats fine. No hard feelings. But I do not stay where I am not wanted. So I would appreciate some feedback. And if you feel this blog is part of the solution, and not part of the problem, please give it a shout-out on your blog. Thank you. I welcome ALL feedback, as long as it is true, and civil to some degree. Joel out.