Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get Your Emergency Meds Kit Ready - by Joel the K

Joel here. I said I would give you a mid-day PatriotsCave Bonus post, and here it is: These are the items that are going into my emergency medical bag, some of these items I already have, some of them are en route via U.S. mail, and two or three of them I am going to order presently. I encourage you to do the same. Looking at the alternative news sources today has confirmed what we have been expecting all along; the Illuminati have finished final preparations for their deadly ENDGAME. According to obvious Illuminati symbolism, embedded within the mass media, the ENDGAME is set to commence in the first or second quarter of 2009. I personally feel that a prediction made by Big John Lipscomb last year will soon come to pass. Big John predicted an attack on Israel in the form of a tactical or low-yield atomic weapon. Regardless of who the real perpetrator of that attack would be, it would be perceived as an attack from Iran. The consequences would be staggering and frightening. It would mean the onset of World War III. Judging by the signs of the times, I feel these events are already being played out on the plane of origin. And will soon manifest here in our physical, concrete world. So here is a list of alternatives to antibiotics we can store up against the possibility of a long, devastating war which could severely hamper or eliminate our ability to receive medical care and/or antibiotics and other medicines: CRUCIAL SURVIVAL ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES 1- colloidal silver - found by researchers to defeat antibiotic resistant virus/bacteria 2- oil of wild oregeno- strong antibiotic 3- Garlic cloves (raw,whole, oil) dont use unscented its weak. Garlic with allicin content of 10 mg = 150 units of penicillin in lab research 4- EsterC or generic ester c (calcium ascorbate). Dr. Fred Klenner in N.C. used vit. C against viruses, serious bacteria, diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus. He cured 60 out of 60 cases of infantile polio using I.V. vitamin C., the medical establishment concluded that since polio was "incurable", Dr. Klenner was a quack. 5- Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) a panacea for many ailments 6- blackstrap molasses- cures anemia, known to dissolve tumors, heal ulcers, treat arthritis pain, moderate high blood pressure, reduce nightime trips to the bathroom (prostate), and lessen complications associated with pregnancy. 7- Tea tree oil- good for all skin problems- rashes, burns, acne, cuts, scrapes, warts, shingles, poison ivy, eczema. Has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. One drop on toothbrush = good natural toothpaste. 8- stablized oxygen- fights resistant strains of bacteria and virus. Purify water. 9- Myrrh resin- defeats mutant strains of virus/bacteria - one drop of myrrh in one teaspoon of water is held under tongue for a few minutes 3-4x/day. And it can be rubbed into bottom of feet 1-3x/day. 10- essiac- homemade essiac using Renae Caissie's original formula and fresh organic herbs is the best item you could have for an overall remedy. The personal physician to president J.F.K. said this about essiac: "Essiac is a cure for cancer, period". Essiac was documented to have cured almost every known disease. The Canadian government ransacked Renae Caisse's research facility and burned all of her notes in 55 gal. drums right there in the yard. They did not want people to know that 3 road-side weeds and one common tree could cure the ails of millions. The formula was gifted to us by the great Ojibewa medicine man. It is a priceless gift given to him by Spirit, then given to us by him. --- DISCLAIMER --- For legal reasons you are all too familiar with, I have to state that this information is not medical advice. It is for research purposes only. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult your doctor. Well there it is brethren and sistren. A list of crucial items for your preps. Hope you do what I did. Essiac tastes so wholesome and sweet. When I have a sore throat, and I drink some (2 fluid ounces), the essiac seems to heal any part of my throat that it passes over on its way down. Of course when it hits the bloodstream, thats when the real magic happens. Its so good. It just vibrates with healing lifetronic force and light. I love essiac! Get some!

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