Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Meatrix - Will You Take The Red Pill?

I am inviting you to watch a video on my youtube channel called "The Meatrix". To view it, simply click the link in the left hand margin that says "check out my youtube channel". When you get there, look at my "favorites", until you find one titled "the Meatrix". It is animated and is a real treat. After you watch it, you may want to watch part II and part II1/2. +++ Was out at the homestead again today. Getting things ready. Getting things organized. You know what? I am freakin DONE trying to convice clones about ANYTHING. I'm done. People can go get chipped and eat all the genetic frankenfood their fluoride contaminated bodies can stomach. I tried to do something earlier today, I saw an ad all over the blogs that have signed up for that google ad crap. The ad was promoting sexual violence and murder. So I asked a few people to sound off about it and voice their protest. You should have seen some of the responses I got. These clones WANT their murder and their perversion. They LIKE it. One of them was pissed off at me because he was "not aware" of the ad until I had to go and mention it. Well excuse the freakin freak out of me Mr. Blissfully Unaware. You go on back to your sleepwalking. And please dont even worry about where you might step. And I promise to never try to warn you again okay? Go back to sleep. I'm through with the sheeple. I should have just listened to John. He tried to warn Me. But no! Mr. I.M. McDogooder had to go trying to awaken the comatose. Not anymore. Those who ask for my help, I will try to help. Those who ask for my advice or opinion, I will do my best for. But I am not casting any more pearls before swine. The Lord was right. They DID turn again and try to rend me. I am sorry for not listening Lord. I will try much harder from now on. And all you out there that think I am a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nut, just forget what I said about the impending mega-collapse. Dont stock up on food. You dont need extra food okay? There will always be plenty down at the local Wal-Mark. Gasmasks? You dont need those either Mr. Bob Clonefield. If an unstoppable strain of the plague breaks out from agricultural slaughterhouses pumping hogs and cows with every antibiotic known to humankind, just stay in the house and order out. Just order takeout you know? Hell the pizza boy maybe he will be wearing a mask. Maybe he is one of those tin-foil hat wearing nutters. Oh and those heirloom seeds I'm always talking about, never mind. Just go down to Wal-mark and get you a few packs of Monzanto terminator veggie seeds. SO WHAT if they have moth DNA fused into them. Whats a little moth DNA going to hurt? I mean if your baby is born with some birth defect from the genetic mutation in the seeds, its not YOU. See? Its not YOU who will suffer right? Its somebody else. So dont worry about it. You are doing all the right things right now. Good job Bob. Now one more thing. Forget all about this blogsite, with that wierd guy who always says things that make you think those awkward uncomfortable thoughts. You go on back to your penile enlargment website and your 24 hour pornography. Thats what you NEED. So just freakin DO IT. Everything is fine Joe and Sue and Bob and Mark and Tammy and Ed and Joyce and Brandon and Troy and Steve and Amy and Bill and Ted and Chris and Jason. And you too, oh whats your name? Anyway, everything is fine. GO BACK TO SLEEP.