Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Ramps Up Plans For A New World Order

Obama's Usury Secretary, Tim Geithner is under orders to bring in the New World Order by way of a new tax on tax paying Americans: International taxation to fund "global governance". On January 28th, 2009, a group of Bilderbergers, Illuminati initiates, Trilateral Commissioners, and members from many other super-secret handshake clubs, will sneak away to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. During this staged event, plans that were scripted last year in Chantilly, Virginia at the super-secret handshake Bilderberg meeting, will be made to appear spontaneous and "contributed" by “The Global Agenda 2009,” which is the facade for the entire pay-per-view production they are making this into. The WEF (world economic forum) is "sponsored" by Fox News, Fox Business Network, Wall St. Journal, CNBC, Forbes and a list of 100 "strategic" partner corporations. CNBC will be in charge of public opinion manipulation and hype distribution. So you can be certain that CNBC will provide extremely biased, and unbalanced reporting on the WEF, as they hold a vested interest in the trillions of dollars bilked from U.S. taxpayers in order to fund the New World Order. Don't forget that CNBC is a subsidiary of General Electric, who just received a nice fat "bailout" check from YOU the American taxpayer, for the tidy sum of $139,000,000,000. That's one-hundred thirty-nine billion dollars. Our people are living in tent cities all across our country, children are going to bed hungry, people are DYING because they lost their health insurance, we the people are having to decide if we will buy food or medicine for our kids, and these sons of bitches get a hundred and thirty-nine billion dollars so that their CEOs won't have to suffer the "embarrassment" of receiving a "partial" bonus this year of only 10 million dollars. And heaven forbid the money changers who make a full time living putting the screws to us, LOSE some of our money that they GAMBLED on the stock market. The politicians cut welfare to families, and turn around and give it to multi-billionaires and millionaires who are yet to "arrive". And now they plan to give away the sovereignty of our nation, the sovereignty our fathers fought and died for. Just wrap it up and give it over to a cabal of perverted, blue-blood, anemic, Luciferian high priests of the church of Satan. Think I'm exaggerating? I WISH that I were exaggerating. These Illuminati are the one's that brought us WW I, WW II, and so much more. Their allegiance is to their secret handshake club first and foremost. They could care a rats ass about the USA, yet there they are pretending to fight for our best interest. Well don't you believe it brethren and sistren. This is the year the New World Order goes for all the marbles. They can't remain hidden any longer. Those who have remained in denial will see the horrible truth in 2009. The Obama administration has as a top priority the United Nations "Law of the Sea Treaty". This so-called treaty will hand over our American oil, American natural gas, American coal, and all of our natural resources that are ours, and GIVE it to the UN!! Give it to the NEW WORLD ORDER. THIS IS HAPPENING ! We will lose our birthright ! We will lose our nation. That second oath Obama took was a New World Order oath. Nothing happens in politics by accident. NOTHING. Do they expect me to believe that a man who can memorize entire speeches and deliver them with such command of language could forget a 5 or 6 word sentence, 3 seconds after it was stated?! Please. No way. He did not accidentally "flub" his line. They did that because they are not quite ready to have the public hear the president of the United States swear an oath of loyalty to the New World Order. And its not a coincidence that there was controversy surrounding Obamas' citizenship and eligibility to even be the president. It will come out later that the solution is simple: One World Government, New World Order. +++++++ In closing I just want to mention that Hillary Clintons' pick to run the State Department's Office of Policy Planning is Anne-Marie Slaughter. Hillary will be sending miss Slaughter to the WEF super-secret handshake club meeting in Switzerland. In 2004 Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a book. The title of the book was: " A New World Order " by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Just one more reason to: Get your prep on! -Joel out

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