Monday, January 26, 2009

Patriots Cave Update

Greetings Cave-dwellers. I'm keeping it relatively brief tonight because of the MASSIVE project I am working on. It's classified above top secret right now but I promise I will share it with you soon. If you look to your left you will see Muscle-Bob Buff Pants. Actually its the kshatriya. That's my lead-in to tell you about the new Patriots Cave/OPNET Video-News War Room. Of course OPNET is under the banner of the AMPNET. Ohio Preppers Network and American Preppers Network respectively. The War-Room is a dual portal news hub for both blog-sites. To enter the War-room, scroll down about 16 feet until you come to an even bigger picture of the kshatriya. The kshatriya is the portal into the war-room. On either blog-site. At the very bottom of the OPNET blog-site, you will also find a picture of the kshatriya. Again, just click the pic, and you're in the news hub, dual portal, video war-room. So check it out. There are no posts or articles, only news-reel videos posted by me, Joel the K. One more thing to touch on; I have a 98% confirmation for Friday nights' "Dont Tread On Me" live broadcast mystery guest. I am projecting all of my super-nerd powers into securing this guest for you. Also if you have not been to OPNET on AMPNET yet today, I have a post over there for us indoor cat keepers. If you don't have indoor cats, or have a friend with indoor cats, then you might take a pass on todays OPNET post. But check in their tomorrow night and see what's doin. Well I'm going to get back to the MASSIVE project now. So keep your feet dry and, get your prep on. -Joel out.

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