Friday, January 2, 2009

Planning The Homestead by --- Joel Harford

I was out at our new homestead site today, taking measurments and writing down things I need to get. I was envisioning where the different heirloom vegetables will be planted, and where I should grow the oats and buckwheat and tobacco. Yes, I do inhale the fumes of the tobacco plant. But thats the only plant I smoke. No wacky tobaccy for this survivalist. Heck I dont even drink beer anymore. I do drink coffee and smoke tobacco though. Right now I smoke American Spirit from a 6 oz. metal can. I buy empty filter tubes for a buck-fifty and use a little machine to make my own filter cigarettes. American Spirit is 100% domestic with zero additives. If you smoke natural tobacco for a few days, and then go back to tailor-made store-bought smokes, you can taste the synthetic chemicals so bad you will wonder why you never noticed it before. Anyway, I'm going to grow 2 different varieties of tobacco and blend them together. That way it will be dirt cheap and I will know for sure that I'm not smoking pesticides. Thats where the lung cancer comes from, the chemical additives and the pesticides. Of course I intend to eventually give up the habit, but I'm not ready for that step yet. All in good time. +++ This year we will be growing only 100 % heirloom vegetables. Heirloom means that the species is old, and can be traced back a few hundred years. Heirloom is pure. Heirloom means 100 % all natural, the way God made them, with no genetic modifications. The seeds they sell at local garden centers and at Wal-Mark are all Monsanto seeds. Monsanto seeds are genetically mutated and modified and un-natural. They think they can do it better than God and Mother Nature. How pompous and arrogant they are. Genetically modified seeds will not produce fertile seeds for you to plant the following year. Heirloom seeds will grow into a beautiful healthy plant, and that plant will produce wholesome food with all of the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy and vibrant and energetic. Heirloom seeds grow into a plant which will produce fertile, living seeds for you to plant the following year. Then you dont have to buy the seeds again like you would with those nasty Monsanto terminator seeds. If you have not discovered heirloom seeds and produce yet, then you should check out , You will meet a man called Big John Lipscomb. He will teach you all about heirloom seeds. His quality and his prices are absolutely the best you will find anywhere. When you get your seeds, and hold one in your hand, if you are sensitive you can literally feel the lifetrons vibrating in the seed. In you heart you will just intuitively know that these seeds are in tune with all that is good, and all that is green and wholesome. I know that for my family nothing else will do. Thats why we are homesteading this year. So we can eat farm-fresh eggs, from free-range chickens that do not eat waste products like they do in those mega-corporation chicken factories. We're homesteading so we can drink fresh goats milk that is not full of blood and puss, antibiotics and steroids, like the grizzly mucus they pass off as milk at the grocery store. And so we can grow and eat only fresh heirloom produce, chock full of natural minerals and vitamins. This is the way. I will not permit my family to be labled "consumers" or "human resources" by the New World Order corporations who will harm ten million people per day if they think it will raise their profit margin by a half percent. No. My family is not here to be stock commodities. We are here to learn, and grow in spirit, and wonder at the mysteries of God and all creation. And we cant do that properly if we are forever sick and ill from eating genetical-mutated food and eating waste products from some greedy board of directors who worship Mammon. No. We choose life. We choose Gods way. And I hope you will too. Click this link and you will be on the good road my sisters and brothers: and God bless you, make 2009 the year of doing things right, and doing the right thing.