Friday, January 23, 2009

Tune In Tonight! To "Don't Tread On Me" With A New Feature Called: "Spotlight On Blog"

Greetings Preppers. Ohio is thawing out now. Everything has that yucky, dirty look it gets when all that pretty snow melts. It's all soggy, and drip, drip, drip, can be heard everywhere as the ice on gutters and trees melts away. But I won't worry too much, I'm sure another deep freeze is right around the corner. +++ Remember to tune in tonight at 10:00 PM Central time to American Voice Radio, as I (Joel the K) will be the guest host on Don't Tread On Me. Tonight is the debut of a special feature called "Spotlight On Blog". Where we will put the spotlight on one of your blog-sites. Tonight we will shine our survival light on the Trinni Airgunners. You can view their blog at: . This is a great blog sistren and brethren. I am really impressed with the Trinni Airgunners. And I'm certain you will be too. So check out their blog-site, and check us out tonight on for Don't Tread On Me. And if you would like to shine the survival light on your blog, or a survival or survival-related blog you know of, e-mail me, Joel the K, at and I will check it down. Talk to you later all. And keep your preps up!

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