Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Do Not Need To Eat Meat

You may like meat. You may love meat. But you do not need meat to survive okay. Ever seen a pair of oxen pulling a plow? Those oxen grew that big and strong from eating what? Porkchops? No. Grain. Ever seen a silverback gorilla? The gorilla is one of the biggest brutes on our planet. He has been known to bend steel bars to escape a cage. A gorilla could snap your body like a stale pretzel. The strongest human being in the Guiness book of records would last exactly 1 second against an adult gorilla. Gorillas are vegetarians. So when confronted with the argument that without meat a person cannot grow big and strong, just think about that for a minute or two. Human beings were never intended to eat flesh. Now dont get me wrong. I eat fish and even some poultry. Once or twice a year I even eat pigmeat. But NEVER do I eat cows. Anyway, regarding the human body in relation to meat-eating; we were not meant to eat meat. I agree some people must eat it do to survival needs. I do not dispute that. Survival dictates. BUT. That does not override the fact that the human body is not designed for meat consumption. Carnivors have very short intestines with extremely powerful stomach enzymes. This is why my 85 lb. dogs can eat 3 pounds of meat in 2 minutes and then look up at me like "is that ALL?". Humans have very long intestines. Meat turns rancid in our long intestines, leading to medical problems if not flushed out systematically, with GRAINS. +++ Yes folks, people can do just fine eating grains and fruits and vegetables and nuts and NATURAL milk,cheese and eggs. So dont believe them when they say: "you cant get big if you dont eat the pig".