Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Greetings from the Patriots Cave brethren and sistren. Please view todays special video post. Patriots Cave also invites you to tune in to, Friday night at 10:00 PM Central time zone, 11:00 PM easterntime zone, to hear "FRIDAY NIGHT ALIVE" - with Joel the K, my one hour variety program with news, commentary, features, guests, predictions, and listener call-ins. The show broadcasts on internet, sattelite, shortwave, AM, FM, and phone bridge. So tune in and check it down. Be a part of it. If you have something important to share, call in and share. Just go to AVR and you can find the phone number or sattelite coordinates etc..., whatever you need to find. If you have a blog you would like to have spotlighted on "Friday Night Alive - with Joel the K" then e-mail your blog address to me at: and I will check it down. Please watch todays videos, shout Patriots Cave out to your friends and put it on your links, keep your feet dry, and get your prep on. God be with us.
-Joel out.

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