Friday, February 20, 2009

Mammon is Breeding at an Astonishing Pace!

Greetings cave dwellers. Check out the video up on "Cave-o-Vision" today. Glenn Beck made a chart which shows how much paper monopoly money the New World Order money-changers are printing out. Soon ink will be worth more than dollars. Beacause demand for green ink will outpace supply! The NWO will be forced to change the color of money to bloody red. How fitting. +++++++ A reminder: You are invited to tonight (Friday) at 11:00 pm eastern timezone, to tune in for: FRIDAY NIGHT ALIVE - with JOEL THE K. Tonight I am shouting out a call to action. I am convinced its time to start boycotting companies who go along with N.W.O. agendas. So lets pull together on this and start rewarding companies who value liberty and privacy, and boycott those businesses who violate our privacy, and spit on liberty. We can affect change with every coin we spend, so lets do it. I will also be discussing the political agenda of the New World Order, and brake down details of their plan, along with my own conjecture and prediction regarding how much time we have before the globalists make a bumsrush for all the marbles. And yes I will also spotlight another one of your excellent blog-sites. So be a part of it, tune in to AVR and check it down at 23:00 hrs. (EST). +++
UPDATE: The comet has taken ANOTHER hit from the solar winds, that is the second time the solar winds have ripped a chunk off of this comets tail! The comet has turned green in color and will reach its closest distance to Earth this coming Tuesday. I am predicting a reappearance of Mothman on this day. So check back in with the Patriots Cave every day or so, and tune in to AVR tonight, for Friday Night Alive. Be there.
-Joel out.

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