Thursday, February 5, 2009

Violent Solar Wind Rips Tail Off Aproaching Comet!

Greetings fellow tin-foil hat wearin nutters. If you are a regular reader of Patriots Cave than you know that the comet Lulin is aproaching our planet. In a dramatic display of solar power, amatuer astonomers witnessed the tail of the comet ripped completely off by the force of the solar winds. Astronomers have not released information yet regarding possible trajectory changes. As you may know, I subscribe to the vision theory. I am one of those who believe in visions, omens, signs, curses, evil eye, vodoo, magic, medicine power, charms, and old world knowlege that the majority of people in these "modern" times are quick to dismiss as nonsense. General Custer was one of those skeptical types. He scoffed at the Native Americans medicine power. Before the Battle of Little Bighorn, Custer met with elders of the American tribes. They passed the sacred pipe together. Custer promised to never attack them. One of the great Medicine Elders tapped the ashes from the pipe out on Custer's boot. He told Custer if he broke the promise, he would be as the ashes on his boot. Dead and lifeless. Custer broke that promise of course. And it was said that during the battle, Custer sent a small group of riders as bait. Then once the tribes took the bait, Custer's larger forces would attack from 3 sides in an all out massacre. Custer never gave the order to charge and attack. He just stood there, eyes wide open, as if he had been turned to stone. Custer experienced the medicine power first-hand. He learned the lesson too late though. As you know, Custer was slaughtered that day along with his men. My point is, Medicine Power is real. We exist in a quantum universe. There are millions of forces and powers we have forgotten since the days of our ancient fathers. I personally know a man, and I have known him for 27 years, who was a missionary in Africa. He was cursed by a powerful shaman-witch. He laid on what he thought to be his death-bed for 6 months, clinging to life by a thread as friends prayed over him day and night. Later, a small object was found inside of his hut. The witch had successfully placed this object in there to hex the occupant. I have witnessed quantum occurances myself also. So with me it is not a matter of belief. I have experienced it first-hand. Scientists using scanners believe that most people only use 10-20 % of the brain. So imagine what power the other 80-90% has. +++++++
The comet Lulin is an outer manifestation of something going on in the spirit world, just like everything else. Everything we see is a physical manifestation of what is going on in the subtle frequency ranges. Comets have historically been heralds of woe. The comet Lulin has suffered a blow from our Life-giver, our local star, our sun. Two days ago astronomers watched with amazement as her solar winds physically ripped the tail off of comet Lulin. This comet is visable now using binoculars. In the next two weeks it will become visable to the naked eye. Around the end of February, Lulin will reach its closest point to Earth. We are in no danger of colliding with Lulin. That is not in question. My interest in Lulin is the warning it brings us. Its part of the signs of the times. Sound crazy? Is it crazier than looking at a propaganda machine in your living room? Vomiting out disinformation and thinly veiled pornography? No. I choose to watch nature. To watch the outside apocalypse gaining insight from the inside. Some highly observative people can see what is going on inside of your internal organs by looking at your eyes. Looking at your pupils. Some can tell the weather by feeling it in their bones. Anyway, here is my interpretation of the situation: A powerful evil force which has long been trying to do great harm to humanity, is now initiating their attack plan. A powerful force of Light and goodness has attempted to block or stop the evil one, but was unsuccessful. The evil one was slightly wounded but was not stopped or even slowed down. The attack by the forces of darkness will manifest on the plane of consequence in late February to early March. Beware the Ides of March. Increase your prepping activity accordingly. I am focusing heavily on preparing our medical kit, our anti-plague kit, our first-aid kit, and our emergency dental kit. I think the order of priority for preps (for me) is #1- Clean water (filters, purification etc...) #2- Food (long-term food solution,heirloom seeds( and #3- Medical supplies (1st aid, antibiotic alternatives, medicines, vitamins/minerals etc...). I still need to get my Benjamin airgun, .22 caliber pellet rifle. I feel this is the best choice for a survival hunting tool as it is quiet, and all I have to do is pump it up with air. No worries about bullets or gun laws and all that. I realize you may feel differently. That is fine. This is my unique situation and of course I will do what I feel is best. If the banks do not collapse before tax refunds come, I will get my air-pellet rifle at that time. And I will purchase about $ 75.00 worth of pellets. Thats all for now. Don't forget to tune in tonight to , at 10:00 PM Central time-zone, as I will be broadcasting live, worldwide, on internet, sattelite, AM-FM, and shortwave radio. I have a kick ass show planned for tonight. Don't miss it!
-Joel out.

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