Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Can We Do Right Now To Fight The New World Order And Starve Out The Beast?

Greetings brethren and sistren. As our economy gradually slides down by its own inertia, deliberately slowed by artificial tinkering, the reality that we are in a depression is becoming evident. But let me say this. Don't listen to these politicians when they say crap about it. Okay? These people are not concerned about you. They are millionaires that have no idea what its like. So when they run their mouth about "we need this" .... "we need that".... "its getting hard Bob...yada yada yada....", don't you pay them one bit of mind because they are reading off of a teleprompter. And that deep look of grave concern in their eye as they look into the camera, will change instantly into an ass-grabbing white-collar sneer as soon as the red light on the camera goes out. Yeah man, that grave look of concern will turn into a barrell of laughs. So don't be a sucker. Don't sit there in front of that zombie box like a freakin moron.+++ In light of that. Here are some actual ways we can starve out the Beast system with: #1- We grow our own food. Using 100% heirloom seeds only (http://www.survivalistseeds.com/) #2- We Purchase clothes second hand from Goodwill and garage sales. #3- We donate our clothes that don't fit anymore, or sell it dirt cheap at a yard sale. #4- We cancel our cable T.V. service. Freeing our minds from blink rates and pop-trash. #5- We boycott any search-engine which spits on our right to privacy (http://www.ixquick.com/ is a GREAT search engine, IXQUICK does NOT track your IP #s like Google does). #6- We drastically reduce, and eventually eliminate, buying food from grocery stores. Instead we grow our own food and supplement that with food bought from LOCAL farmers and farmer markets. We buy our eggs from local family farms, not a New World Order MEGA-ROBO CHICKEN EGG FACTORY PRODUCTION FACILITY. Use this website, its so easy, just type in your zip code and it will tell you where the family-farm markets are near where you live. Here is the link: http://www.localharvest.org/ +++ TELL OTHERS ABOUT LOCALHARVEST.COM Notice! - My apologies to our friends over in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, India(where my heart is), and friends all over this beautiful blue gem of a planet. I often write posts with a narrow focus on the USA. I salute you cave dwellers out there in the exotic and historic places of the world. How I would love to visit each and every one of you in your home lands. I would love to correspond with you who live in a far off land. Feel free to e-mail me at: Joelweldon@rocketmail.com , even if you just say "Hi Joel, I live in Africa", or India, or Asia, or Australia or South America, or the islands of the Pacific. Let me hear from you! It will be so interesting. Okay, on with the list: #7- We 100 lbs. of grain from the local mill, grind our own flour, and bake our own wholesome bread. The local mill near where I live sells 100 lbs. of wheat for less than 10 dollars. And 100 lbs. of corn is apx. $5.oo, its time to stop paying 5 bucks for a box of pancake mix when we could buy 50 lbs. of wheat for the same price! #8- We stop buying artificial medicines and making the Rockefeller group even richer. Instead we use herbal medicines such as garlic and essiac and black strap molasses. We use colloidal silver and stabilized oxygen instead of over-prescribed antibiotics. #9- We stay away from loans and credit cards. When we buy a car, we pay cash for a used car instead of more debt for a new car. So what if the Jones car looks fancier, big freakin deal. #10- We cut our own hair or have a family member or friend cut it. #11- If we smoke, we grow our own tobacco from seed. Just do an Ixquick search for "tobacco seeds". We get a corncob pipe and smoke for free. If it doesn't taste so good, then we either quit smoking (like we should), or get used to the taste. HINT: I buy 2 different strains of tobacco seeds so that I can blend the mix and customize the flavor a bit. #12- We purchase a 1 ounce silver coin each week, for as long as the economy keeps going. A silver dollar can be purchased on E-bay for a reasonable price. #13- We avoid eating out at restaurants. We never eat at risky fast-food dives. #14- We don't waste time and/or money on lottery tickets. #15- We pick up scrap metal for extra money. #16- We take advantage of public library resources such as books, films, computers, and copy machines. #17- We wear long-johns and thick sweaters in the house, and keep the thermostat down low. #18- We pray and meditate at home, and keep a family shrine in honor of the Holy Spirit, seeing no need to attend gossipy and expensive churches. #19- We use re-chargeable batteries instead of throw-away batteries. We use a solar battery charger making good use of our Sun's abundant and free energy. #20- We use our common sense in every situation, pinching pennies, squirrelling away what we can against lean times ahead.

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