Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do Not Be Afraid - You Are A Child of The Living God

Greetings brethren and sistren. Do not be a victim of this psy-op being perpetrated upon the good people. In case you are new to the Truth movement, a psy-op is a psychological attack, a mind job, a psych-out. It is the enemy attempting to psych you out via fear and terror. Do not fall for it. Evil feeds on fear. When fear trys to enter in my soul, I will pray to ALMIGHTY GOD. These weak souls who have sold their soul to the evil one, THEY are the ones who better start being afraid. THEY are the ones who will stand before Infinite, Limitless, All-Powerful, Deathless, Eternal, Almighty God, and be required to explain themselves. They are the ones who will have to explain why they harmed the Lord's little ones. The Lord said it would be better if a millstone were tied to their neck and they be cast into the sea. Brothers and sisters, I know we enter the tribulation. Now we must be strong. Now we must take faith. Remember that no matter what happens, all of our bodies are going to die. But more importantly, all of our souls, our true self, who and what we truly are, will never die. EVER. So no matter what these slimy sons of bitches throw at you, plague, pig-flu, arrest, hell or high water, Do not be afraid. Don't you do it. And if fear comes upon you, give it to the Lord. If you do not have a clean conscience, get down on your knees today and confess to Almighty God. Re-affirm your position with what is Good, and Holy, and True. Clear your conscience, re-affirm your faith. Know where you stand. And know where you will stand when this temporary carriage for your soul falls back to the earth. Do this, and you will stand taller. You will be bolder. You will set an example for the others who are looking around in fear right now, to see what other people are doing. For goodness sake don't waste time watching t.v. now. Now is the time for work, and prayer, and reading the scriptures. I like to read about the saints, and how they faced certain doom, with courage and faith in God. This will help. You will vibrate with God's Love and Strength. The psy-op television news will only make you vibrate with fear and uncertain worldliness. It's your choice, but as for me, I'm not talking about watching some phony televangelist. I'm talking about YOU. Your house. Your Soul. Your Family. You have the scriptures. You know how to pray. Take it straight to Holy God, cut out the middle man. It's too crucial now. No time for misleading sermons or hidden agendas. Didn't the Lord say to pray in secret? Or gathered in twos or threes? And families? Please pray with me. Pray that the Goodness that God put into each one of our hearts, will overcome all that is evil. Pray for courage. Pray for common sense. And help me pray this special prayer: that the Holy Spirit will convict the heart or hearts of those secret men and women who have been misled by the deciever into trying to bring in a one world government of tyranny. Pray they will be overcome with guilt, and realize the Truth. Pray they will confess their plan and turn against their co-conspirators. With God, anything is possible. So please let us include that special prayer with our other prayers. Let us be strong. And do not be afraid. We are children of the Living God.


Outraged Patriot said...

Thank you for this beautiful post. You speak the truth. When I get terrified (and that seems to be happening more and more these days)I pray hard and it always sooths my soul. I may still be scared but I am so much more rational and I know my decisions come from a better place! Peace be with you and your family and to us all.

Joel the K said...

Thanks Opie. God bless your family too.

DustyDave said...

Thanks for the post. I am forwarding it to many of my freaked out friends.
Good stuff Joel!

Joel the K said...

Thanks Dusty Dave. I appreciate that. You are welcome here in this dusty cave anytime. God be with you.

JustinIst said...

Amen. I wonder if people realize just how fortunate we are. Think about it : out of all the ages, all the others who went before us, all who waited and anticipated Him but went to the grave, we here now might be the ones upon the earth to actually have the good fortune to bear witness to the event itself.

Out of all the others, our Lord chose us to be here at this time. It is a testament to who we really are. How many of us look in the mirror each day and only wonder what kind of person we are capable of being. Many of you think " I already know who I am! " You don't. If you think that then chances are you are capable of even greater things. I tell you we are blessed. Beacause God chose only the strongest of souls to endure these times. Many of us will perish. But at least it will be in His service. Yet many of us will live to bear witness to the day of Glory. Even greater the joy if by our efforts, whatever they may be.

So many out there, even Christians, bewail the tribulations now and cower knowing what is coming. But I tell you we are blessed to be here. God be with you all.

Christ is Risen!