Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dreams from the past - Astral Omens?

Greetings sistren and heathen. Yesterday was exhausting. State tests go on all week. I was looking at my old dream diary, from back when I was doing dream work and O.B.E. practice. I found a startling pattern to my dreams. Many of them involved being in a terrible institution from which I could not leave. The strange thing about the institution was that my family was in there with me. Here are some excerpts directly from my dream log:
12/12/03- In an institution. I was helping a man get his hidden cache' so he could escape. He could not find the secret door in a certain wall. Somehow I could see the outline in a false mirror in the shape of a badge. I punched the dark shape in the mirror and smashed it out to reveal his secret cache' of food and goods. I woke up.
12/26/03- In an institution again. Waiting to go to the chow hall. Went to chow hall, got my tray, but the tray was empty. No food. Then I had to take the life of a small creature. I was talking to a woman. It was count time. We got counted before chow and after.
date unkown- In a big place. Lots of doors. I go in a room and see someones belongings, a wallet and clothes. I do not disturb them.
date unkown- In an institution. My brother was there. I was looking for the laundry room. I ask a girl where it is, she tells me, I find it. The room has some kind of intercom access to get inside. Someone elses finger presses the button and speaks, but I can't see them. I enter the room.
1/2/04- In an institution. In a classroom setting. I fall asleep while the teacher is lecturing. Then I missed my turn to go get my medicine. I ask the teacher for mercy, and she says "okay, this time".
1/10/04- The Lord Jesus was in my dream. I gave him a token or coin or something. Went to airport. Saw people I know at the airport. We were assigned rooms. Seems all my dreams involve some kind of adult institution. A reoccuring theme. I will use that as my trigger
date unkown- Getting on a bus. Inside the bus are Tim and Russ and Jeff and others I know.
no date- I was in a jail of sorts. My wife was there, and my uncle and some others. I was interrogated. Someone was trying to erase my memory with arcane knowledge. I was calling out the word " J-E-S-U-S ". Was reading a pamphlet about the Alamo.
no date- at a 1930s era prison. I'm in the chow hall talking to an extremely attractive woman. Suddenly I realize I'm dreaming (become lucid) so I decide to have some fun with the woman.She looked Russian, tall and thin. After the extremely lucid adulterous dream, I woke up and am now writing this down. It is 3:30 am.
9-28-06: It went like this: I was with my brother but did not know how i got there. I was distressed about not being able to account for missing time. We went outside and i heard a female voice say "how we doin?". It seemed like that question was a trigger for auto-hypnosis or something. Then i realized i was being taken. I looked at my brother and said "they're fuggin with me again man help me, HELP ME !!" . Then i lifted off the ground with a slight backwards and upwards floating movement. I was screaming in terror as i was lifted away. some really bad stuff happened then. I woke up to a loud crash in the house from my sons room the noise came. Just as i heard the extremely loud "BANG", I sat up and saw the clock read 3:33 am ! Coincidence? Or astral abduction? +++++++ I have since stopped writing down my dreams. I have several volumes full of them. Dreams can give us a glimpse at our hidden subconscious mind. And sometimes they can provide glimpses into the unkown. How strange they are.


erniesjourney said...

Creepy Joel. I am glad I don't have dreams like that!

Joel the K said...

I am not troubled by such dreams these days. It is an old dream log I used to keep. You wouldn't believe how many I had that seem like I was in a FEMA concentration camp.