Monday, April 6, 2009

Eugenics, Nostradamus and the Impending Megademic

Greetings from snowy Ohio. Yes indeed brethren and sistren, today in Ohio it snoweth. Patriots Cave is discouraged somewhat over the utter lack of interest and/or feedback regarding such crucial topics as the man-made epidemic that the New World Order is preparing to kill us off with. We did receive a handful of comments though, and we do appreciate that very much. I try to talk to people when I am working at the store, about the overall situation, but I can't get through to anyone. They are zombies. Frankly I am fed up with it. The NWO has done their job exceedingly effectively. They have managed to dumb down the populous to the point where they have not the mental ability to even begin to take stock of the situation. It is heartbreaking. And whenever Truth begins to get a foothold, it is quickly and systematically diluted with disinformation and/or simple divide and conquer tactics used by covert government agencies for centuries. I honestly cannot see how good people and their families are going to stay free for much longer. When the plan to kill 80% of us is sitting right out in the open, and less then one quarter of a percent of the people even look at it and say "hmmnn...", what chance do we have as a people? How many families are equipped to survive the bio-attack? Hardly any. They will die. There will be only a small remnant of the resistance that now stands defiant to the New World Order. Patriots Cave implores you to prepare your family for the coming plague. During the Black Death, which killed half of all people in Europe, there was a group of convicts whose job it was to pick up dead bodies and dispose of them. This "chain gang" was exposed to the germs of the Black Death every single day for months and months. None of these men contracted the plague. Why? Why did these men survive exposure to Black Death when 50% of all other groups died? The reason they all remained healthy and strong was because a man named Michel de Nostredame advised the jail man to feed his men copious amounts of potent raw garlic. The point that Patriots Cave is trying to make, is that we should all get a few HUGE bottles of garlic oil capsules. Make sure you do not buy the garlic that is odorless. Get the smelly garlic. The essence of garlic is in the odor. Now listen carefully: Someday soon the government may announce that America has suffered a "cyber-attack". They may shut the Internet down partially or perhaps totally. At this time you will be cut off from un-filtered information. You must assume at this time that the worst case scenario is in effect. So when the web goes down, when the Internet gets cut off, start taking copious amounts of garlic. And take whatever precautionary measures you have knowledge of. Patriots Cave has articles available in the archives, listing different remedies against the plague and/or Mega-Flu strains. Stabilized oxygen, oil of oregano, myrrh oil, garlic, vitamin C, essiac, colloidal silver and much more. The main thing is that you GET THE REMEDIES NOW. And be mindful. Keep your eyes open. Don't just be-bop around in a Big Mac and fries induced stupor, or you will get caught off guard and you will pay dearly for your unmindfulness. Maybe someday America will be a place where you can be lax and mellow, cruising through lazy days with hazy ways. But it ain't now. Now is the time for alertness and mindfulness. Now is the time for rationing food and studying practical knowledge. This year you will do well to set up alarms around your garden. And if you own a big dog that does not bite, you should keep a close eye on it. People will soon be eating dog and cat if they aren't already. Crime is going to reach unprecedented levels in the next 90 days. The bowstring is getting pulled very tight from New York to Los Angeles. This Summer, when the temperature rises to the 90s, and unemployment combined with stagflation starts kicking ass, a trigger event will be inevitable. Look for a hurricane or some similar event to be the trigger. That's when the bad guys will take the web down and start the Superflu-Megademic. For your family's sake, get the things you need to survive. And get the knowledge you need to keep your family together and healthy. The time for laxity IS OVER.


Humble wife said...

Hey, I stop by often and probably should leave comments and I am sorry. I know that we need to be supportive of likeminded as in the times we are in it is imperative.

I leave with valuable tips every time.

When I write on my personal blog, and prepper blog, I feel as though most chuckle and don't get it. I am trying not to be prideful or arrogant as those who don't get it are going to be devastated...

It is draining to me to see the lack of prep for any situation, let alone an economic crisis that has crumbled the dollar.

I spent my weekend leaving 50 comments upbeat and positive to the prepper circuit. Sadly the response is slow to reciprocate. I guess we are all feeling the weight of blindness of those around us.

Forgive me for running on, but I am tired and sad all at the same time.

Joel the K said...

Humble W.-
Thank you for your comments. I am sorry you are sad. You are right, we are feeling the blindness which affects the people. The sorrow comes when we realize that many (most) are lost. Or worse. Worse being that they will actually take side with the Luciferians. I need to get back to praying unceasingly like I used to do. I would pray a short prayer all day and night until it became charged with Holy vibration. It cant hurt. And I know in my heart that it is like whacking the demons upside of their stinking head. Thanks again HW.

Humble wife said...

Joel...Pray without ceasing! You made me smile, and remember the Most Important thing of all.

Outraged Patriot said...

Wow! I agree with both of you! Tired and Sad sums it up for me too. Tired of talking to the sleepy and numb and sad that they are not hearing. Thanks for the reminder about unceasing prayer. I've lately gotten too caught up in trying to wake people and just yesterday ordered a bible for study to help get me back on track. Lately I've been putting more effort into "getting my house in order", the spiritual one that is.

Joel the K said...

HW and OP,
Thanks.What is that scripture? We fight not against flesh,but against pricipalities and powers?

Humble wife said...

Ephesians 6:12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

True and we must remember who wins!

Thanks again as I had a loooong weekend and now I am rekindled!

erniesjourney said...

Really awesome blog Joel! Agree 100% that Satan is really after us now - I can certainly attest to that with what Brad and I have been through! Thanks all of you for praying for us!

Question: Can you buy real cloves of garlic, dehydrate them in smaller pieces and use that instead of buying garlic oil capsules????

also, think about the masks that Steve Quayle sells on his site - they look like the N95 but have carbon filters in them!! They are $5 each is all!

Thank you!

Joel the K said...

Yea you could do that with garlic. I always have garlic cloves on hand. But I keep big bottles of garlic oil in our medical kit too. $5 gasmasks !? That will probably knock me out of business for sure. The ones I sell are $20. At least people will be prepared for the coming germ attack. Thats the important thing. I'm going to check out steve quayle right now. Stay strong Ernie.

PreparingMama said...

Garlic works wonders for many things! My son has kidney disease and I keep him healthy with garlic. His nephrologist has never heard of such a thing, but can't argue since my son has stopped relapsing altogether.

ravnone1 said...

Those things are good to keep in mind. I now 'follow' you on your blog.
There's no way they can be 'rehearsing' scenarios, preparing big time, including mass graves, know the date and location and not be aware of this happening. In other words, a manmade situation.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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