Monday, April 13, 2009

The Four Horsemen Ride

Greetings siblings. A dark day it seems. For my own conscience I am telling you again to get your family prepared for the plague. Get you colloidal silver. Get your oil of oregeno, stablized oxygen, estr-C, garlic and/or garlic oil, a Hilda Clark zapper, and some Essiac. Get your Doomsday Survival Pak. Or get a chemsuit from Main-military surplus. They sell gas masks too. For Pete's sake people. If you do not have a gas mask yet, I'd like to know what you are thinking. I understand if you cannot afford a gas mask. But if you are going to spend 20 dollars on beer or pizza, or lottery, or new clothes, or a new gadget, or on entertainment, or on a thousand other things, instead of buying a gas mask, then you either have a death wish, or you are not reading the signs. All these groups running around talking about surviving a New World Order invasion, who have not secured gas masks for themselves, are wasting alot of energy. One- you will die very early on when the shet hits the fan. Or 2- You will be too afraid to go outside of your duck-taped plastic wrapped house when millions are dropping dead from hybrid Spanish-flu. Its the next big thing brethren and sistren, and if you are not protected with very specific tools such as gas masks and chemsuits, nitrile gloves and yellow rubber boots, you will be very limited as to what you will even be able to do. You will be like a baseball player with one arm tied behind your back. And you Moms. You can't splurge $20 to protect your kids from the next plague? The plague comes in cycles. It always has. It always will. And it is overdue to ravage our planet. When it happens, how will you feel that you were too cheap to spend a few dollars? The writing is on the wall, or I would not speak so directly as I am now. This is your life I am talking about. Time is shorter than you think. So get your pen and paper out, write out your budget, and find a few items that your family can live without this month. Take that money and get yourselves some gas masks or even better, get yourselves each a Doomsday Survival Pak. You will know that you have all the tools needed for the coming time of Tribulation. Go to and get it done. What are you waiting for? MORE signs that the plague is being loaded onto chemtrail jets?!!!?


erniesjourney said...

Amen Joel - I am considering buying extra gas masks for some others that don't have the money and/or think I am just whacky! Feel to guilty being "safe" while they are dieing from this stuff. Wish people would just come out from in front of the TV set and realize that with all the money they spend on eating out or going to the show or the bar - they could have a heck of a lot of preps! Get outta this "satisfy me" mindset, pull your neurons back together and do something constructive for a change!! Wish I could just shake people awake!! I, personally, do not want to watch friends and family die from choking on their own blood.

Great post Joel! Seems like we are on same page more often than not!

Humble wife said...

People need to wake up...

I believe like you that time is rapidly disappearing when the prepper can continue. Then it will be- are we prepared enough?