Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Pulling The Plug - Patriots Cave Special Announcement

Patriots Cave Special Announcement: If you are a regular visitor here in the Cave, you know that is my web business. Yesterday Patriots Cave deleted the advertisements for FamilyGasMask. Gas masks are a tool of survival for use in extreme situations. If you have not purchased a gas mask by now, you are not going to purchase one. If you decide you do need one, go to, that is where I was getting them. They cost $9.99 + about $7.00 for shipping. I of course have an entire Doomsday Survival Pak for each member of my family. I put that kit together more from a perspective of protecting against nuclear fallout from say if a jet crashed into a nuclear power plant. Or if a radiological dispersion device were detonated. They were also for situations involving ACTUAL pandemic threats. I will not be a part of the fear campaign by proxy just because I happen to own a gas mask business. So I am pulling the plug. The website will be there for awhile longer. If any orders come in I will of course fill those orders and send them out expeditiously. I cannot say there are no regrets. Even though this NWO-FLU is a staged psy-op, that has not stopped the NWO from taking the emergency status up to level-5. At level-6, we could see "U.N." troops pulling Americans out of their homes. Would it even come as a shock in light of what has already happened this decade? My gut tells me this is all a big sleight of hand illusion. While everyone looks at the NWO-FLU, they'll be busy doing something far worse. Joel out.

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