Sunday, April 26, 2009

New World Order Pandemic Trial-Run

Okay lets hit the rewind button and listen to Mary calling in to the Power Hour on March 30, 2009. Mary said she had proof that truckers were hauling pandemic flu material to select locations in North America. Mary said her contact was "a Spanish man". What she meant I'm sure was that he is a hispanic man, a Mexican man. Mary said that the flu material was being picked up in New York state. She said loads were being taken to many states. Mary then testifies that her contact saw 30 miles of "car-carriers" sitting on the pull-off rails in New York state. These "car" carriers are cage-cars. Patriots Cave calls them "rail-jails". Patriots Cave has seen more rail-jails in the last 90 days than in the previous 2 years combined. There are a new type of rail-jail being spotted now nationwide. These new rail-jails have 3 rows of port-style windows, and are very shiney with an all metallic surface. These new rail-jails have the appearance of Nazi human transport rail cars. If they were for automobiles, why three rows of port-style windows? The train car is only tall enough to stack 2 rows of cars. The third row of windows in between the top row and the bottom row would be for absolutely nothing if there were cars on board. It cost somebody millions for that third row of windows. Who would spend millions to put windows in the middle of an automobile carrier where nobody would ever use them? No. These are rail-jail cars. They are not automobile transport rail-cars. I'm sure they can use them to haul cars. But that is not their primary function. That was the cover story. Mary then said that she personally knows a Pakastani diplomat who lived in Albany, NY. This diplomat pulled his child out of school in the middle of the school year. The diplomat told her that "America is no more", and that he and his family are bugging out while they still can. +++ And there you have it. Less than 30 days after that phone call from Mary, we have a weaponized hybrid flu killing people in Mexico, and being tracked in New York state and Kansas. At the time of this writing those are the locations that Patriots Cave is aware of. It very well could be that this flu is in all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada. Which of course would have already been carried to the rest of the world by way of travellers at the airports. Here are articles posted here at Patriots Cave by me Joel the K recently:
The Stronger & Healthier You Are, The More Deadly It Is
Unfortunately there are dozens more articles in the Patriots Cave archives warning you that the NWO is preparing a mass "culling" of the human population on this planet. Their aim is to kill off 90% of people on this earth. So this comes as no suprise that they have launched a hybrid strain of pandemic flu. Patriots Cave believes that this is only a "test run", for their deadlier and much larger launch of a pandemic flu. Patriots Cave believes the New World Order will launch their ENDGAME pandemic in earnest on July 4th, 2009. Until that time they might continue running small epidemic trial runs for various reasons. They may launch another strain of flu on April 29th. Multiple strains will serve to confuse the situation and cause people to seek out multiple vaccines. Vaccines will not help you. But it is your choice. In the meantime, do not panic. If you are not stocked up on supplies you should do so now. Patriots Cave is an affiliate for Big John Lipscomb's solar powered colloidal silver generator. You can find the ad on this page. With this device you can make your own colloidal silver even if the power goes down. You may also wish to visit at this time. These items may very well be impossible to find in the coming days and weeks. God be with us, Hari Om.

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