Monday, April 27, 2009

NORTHCOM Ran a Drill Involving Mexican Pandemic Crossing Into U.S.

Patriots Cave has learned that NORTHCOM ran a drill called Operation Ardent Sentry, which simulated a pandemic breaking out in Mexico, then crossing the border into the United States. What is more, the United States falls under the control of the World Health Organization(WHO), the Revised International Health Regulations, and must follow the rules and provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as those outlined in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Understand that were this Swine/Bird/Synthetic Flu to be declared a pandemic, the president could then enact emergency pandemic protocol. Suddenly the USA would be under the control of the New World Order. Here is the link to the official government documents which explain the entire agreement:$FILE/pandemic-influenza.pdf . Patriots Cave is making the observation that United Nations (NWO) troops could be patrolling the streets of hometown, USA in the very near future. These UN troops would be able to forcibly enter homes and detain/vaccinate civilians. This is already going on in Mexico. The Mexican government has given health "officials" (WHO) authority to enter private residence and forcibly quarantine anyone they deem a threat. You can check the Council On Foreign Relations official website to see for yourself. FEMA had a drill planned for April 29th in Ohio to prepare for pandemic flu outbreak. 200 volunteers are being sought to play the role of victims and the dead. +++++++ Patriots Cave has noticed that a few things do not add up with this flu outbreak. #1- Mexican officials are saying this flu has been killing people since March. If that is the case, why did Obama go to Mexico recently? The secret service would have known that a pandemic was possible down there in Mexico. #2- Why are the reported outbreaks here in the USA located conveniently in the different FEMA jurisdiction regions? (SEE MAP ABOVE). And finally, #3- Why are all the cases reported in the U.S. only mild and harmless? Yet in Mexico it was reportedly virulent and deadly. Patriots Cave has only circumstantial evidence for the following conjecture, but here is the official Patriots Cave "conspiracy theory": Okay, here's the deal. This is the theory. There is no pandemic. Mexico City has 20 million people. 80 people per day die there regardless. So its the perfect place to claim deaths due to whatever they want to say. Then they claim the pandemic flu is here in the USA, in order to cause fear and panic. Yet nobody exhibits any bad symptoms. They just take regular flu cases and claim that it is the "pandemic" strain. Next on the NWO agenda may be a vaccine available to "protect" against the pandemic. 100 million shots go out into the USA, into arms and butts from New York to San Diego. Plus millions more go out to other countries. The NWO makes billions of dollars, and hundreds of millions of unsuspecting sheeple would then be human incubators for whatever little science project the vaccines contain. It's far out I know. But that is our guess as to just what in the hell is going on with this synthetic-flu pandemic. Patriots Cave will be following the situation closely. Check back here to the cave often. God protect you.

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