Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patriot Radio - Or Disinformation?

Greetings. I don't usually slam on other people's stuff, but I am now. After listening to Don't Tread On Me last night, another radio show came on because I just didn't log off of GCN. Before I say what I have to say, please realize that I support GCN, Don't Tread On Me, Prison Planet, Big John Lipscomb, Alex Jones and you get the idea. However. After DTOM was over last night, this other show called FreedomTalk live I think it was, came on. It is a mystery to me why this show is even on GCN. The show is hosted by three young guys. Late twenties, early thirties maybe. And let me tell you, these guys sounded like the same sarcastic yuppie clones who call us tinfoil hat wearing nutters. Their m.o. is to lure sincere callers on to the show, and then make the caller look like an idiot. These guys made fun of people who believe in a global conspiracy. They make sarcastic jokes about people who think there are FEMA camps. One caller wanted to talk about chem-trails. These guys said "yeah there might be a few professors out there who think that global warming could be stopped by spraying particulates into the atmosphere, but that does not mean the government is really going to do it". Great balls of fire! Do these clowns read ANYTHING? Newsflash sarcastic radio-trio: THE GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY DOING IT. I'm telling you cave dwellers, these guys just team up on the callers and make wisecracks about stuff that has already been documented and ADMITTED by the government. Do these guys not read the bills going through Congress? Our movement has made huge strides overcoming that yuppie brand of doubting sarcasm, that state of denial where they just say "oh that's just wacko conspiracy theory". Yes, we have made huge strides in gaining legitimacy in the past year or so thanks to the passionate dedication and bravery of men and women in the Truth movement, and here come these guys on GCN trying to undo the gains we have made. What is this show trying to accomplish? It makes me want to pull my hair out when I hear three doubters broadcasting live on GCN, trying to discredit anyone who believes there is a conspiracy by a group of power-brokers to create a New World Order. These guys laugh at you if you say the word "Illuminati"! They say "oh the Illuminati is behind it, ha ha ha ha ha ha, and then they drown out the caller with sarcastic remarks. Then when the caller becomes shaken and nervous for obvious reasons, they take advantage of the caller's emotional state to make even more sophmoric remarks. Its all a big joke to these guys. They don't respect the work of Alex Jones one iota. They might say they do, but if they studied Alex Jones' work, they would not make fun and ridicule people for suspecting the Bilderburger group of staging false-flag terrorism. What is more, I can't see why the GCN sponsors tolerate these guys with their FreedomTalkLive sarcastic disinformation. Last night they were making fun of people who stock up on food and prepare for economic collapse! On GCN! Jeez man, 90% of GCNs sponsors are selling storable food and/or products aimed at survivalists and preppers. What is going on here GCN? Are you listening to these guys at all? Are the sponsors listening to these guys at all? And what about the Truthers? I'm not saying that everybody should go tune in to their comedy show. Because that's what it is. It is a comedy show where the premise is "lets see how many callers we can get all flustered and make them sound like wackos". I have news for you FreedomTalk, there IS a group of powerbrokers forming a one-world government. There IS an Illuminati. Eugenicists are REAL. The millions of people who they have murdered are a testimony to that fact. Government agencies ARE actively spraying the population with deadly chemicals, including Barium. You can laugh and make all the wisecracks you like, but it is REAL. And it affects YOU also. So instead of cracking so many sarcastic jokes when sincere, concerned patriots call in to your show trying to educate their brothers and sisters, maybe you should shut your mouth and open your ears for a minute. If you do not believe in a global conspiracy by a cabal of evil elitists, then what are you doing on GCN? Why don't you go over to Comedy Central? We are fighting for our children's futures here kids. The evidence that this conspiracy is active and real has been painstakingly documented and researched. Just read the transcripts of many of the globalists meetings and you will see their agenda because they ADMIT it. It's not a "theory" anymore gents. Anytime a caller says "they want to control" or "they are spraying us", these radio hosts will ask the caller "who is they", who are "they", and then when the caller answers that question, and tells the radio hosts who "they" are, that's when the hysterical laughter and mocking sarcasm erupt. That's real funny guys. Real freakin funny. And no I have never called in to your comedy show. Your 3:1 ratio makes it so that you three can just overwhelm any caller who starts proving who "they" really are.

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DustyDave said...

I think we should all call in and hit them straight in the forehead with the crowbar of logic and truth.