Saturday, April 25, 2009

Patriots Cave Shook by Earthquake - Return of Mothman

Greetings cave dwellers. Friday April 24th a rare earthquake shook the Great Serpent Mound in southern Ohio. This is an omen of evil. Gallia county is directly across the river from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In 1967 the Mothman was sighted over 100 times on both sides of the river. The Silver Bridge collapsed on 12/15/1967 at 5:00 pm, killing 46 people. The goings on that year in Gallia county and across the river in Point Pleasant are so bizarre, very few would believe it. Military aircraft chased UFOs nightly. Men in black harassed citizens and threatened them to remain quiet about what they saw. Law enforcement officials witnessed these things too. Yesterday this same area was hit with an earthquake. Almost every train that goes through the area I am in, are "car" transport rail-units. Back when our economy was booming, you would see one or two trains per day loaded with these cage cars. Now the economy is dead, and I see them pass through 6-10 times a day. Add to that the Baxter incident, the 500,000 coffins, the mass graves, the FEMA concentration camps sitting empty yet fully staffed and waiting. And now there are reports of a strange mutant flu killing dozens in Mexico. Patriots Cave urges you to ready yourself for tribulation. Something big is happening. Keep your eyes open. Be alert. Plant your heirloom garden now. If this flu goes epidemic or pandemic, martial law will be declared and the shelves will go empty in a matter of hours. Highways will be blocked to restrict movement. Cites will be quarantined. You might also want to go to to get your gas mask for $19.99. Or go for all-out protection with the Doomsday Survival Pak which includes gas mask, chemsuit, yellow rubber nuke boots, chem-gloves, and a 3 day supply of anti-radiation tablets (Potassium iodate) for only $ 79.00 free shipping. Back in February, Patriots Cave predicted that the Mothman would make a reappearance in the very near future. Yesterdays shaking of the serpent may be a signal that the Mothman is among us once again. Watch the skies.
Magnitude 3.3 OHIO Friday, April 24, 2009 at 13:42:46 UTC Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 3.3 Date-Time Friday, April 24, 2009 at 13:42:46 (UTC) - Coordinated Universal Time Friday, April 24, 2009 at 09:42:46 AM local time at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones Location 38.81N 82.27W Depth 5.0 kilometers Region OHIO


erniesjourney said...

Pandemic alert Joel!!!!

Trini Airguns said...

My prayers are with you and your family. Our gov't is doing nothing about this flu crisis. We have a number of flights from Texas to Trinidad, due to the robust energy industry. Texas has had confirmed cases of the swine flu.

Even though we have a few surgical masks in our preps, they may not be N95 rated. I'm heading to the capital city tomorrow to search for gas masks.

Stay alert

Virtual Eve said...

One reported case of swine flu in Columbus, Ohio - a 9 year old boy and other unconfirmed cases in Wood County (Northwest Ohio). I can't remember which website gave this info yesterday but I'm freaked out! It may have been a google map search with markers that pinpointed reported/confirmed cases in the US. I should have saved it to my favorites.

Good luck everyone, remember your intuition will guide you through the darkest nights.

Love and more love to you all.