Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iranian General Announces Israel's Destruction By May 15th

Israeli television is reported to have aired an interview with Iranian general chief of staff Attalah Salihi. General Salihi boldly declared the complete annihilation of Israel within the time span of 11 days. Experts in Arab-Israeli relations have stated that although Iranian President Ahmadinejad has frequently made vague threats against Israel, never before have such direct and precise timeframes been issued by Iranian generals. The reasons for this alarming statement from General Salihi are as yet unknown to outside sources. It is possible that Israel may have a timeline of their own for a massive bombing campaign. In the past few days the Israeli Air force has been practicing long range sorties with the necessary mid-air refueling procedures. Ahmadinejad stated in 2007 that if Israel were to make an attempt at bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iran would counter-attack with unrelenting force of power. Ahmadinejad stated that any Israeli air strike against Iran would guarantee Israel’s own destruction. It seems then within the context of the situation, that General Salihi has reason to believe that an Israeli air strike is imminent. More information on these crucial events will be forthcoming as the situation develops.

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