Sunday, May 17, 2009

The New World Order Express

Hey now. Patriots Cave has been relatively dormant lately as it is now Spring time in Ohio, which means it is seed-planting time in Ohio. I have been planting Big John Lipscomb's "Survivalist Seeds". The germination rate of these survivalist seeds is awesome. This is the first year that we here at the cave have used 100% heirloom seeds. We used to buy seeds at the garden center, or Wal-mark, back when we did not know that non-heirloom seeds are bred in captivity by Monsanto, the most destructive, vile, and evil corporation on the face of our planet. We did not know that Monsanto's garden store variety seeds are an ongoing experiment, where they mess with the genetic structure of the seeds. Monsanto combines plant DNA with the DNA of animals, fish, virus material, bacteria, and all kinds of other heinous combinations. So we are happy to be planting only 100% heirloom, non-hybrid, Survivalist Seeds from Big John Lipscomb's awesome website: . +++++++ We are planting extra this year because the bottom is getting ready to fall out of the economy. People actually believe what mainstream media tells them about an economic recovery. It's a sucker play. The economy IS collapsing. What is happening now is an artificial propping up, combined with carefully manipulated media coverage. Meanwhile, top executives are quietly planning to dump their stocks before the big one hits. The middle class will get caught holding the bag. Think about it. America is losing hundreds of thousands of jobs each week. Plants and factories are closing down every day. Every job lost, every factory closed, means less money being spent in America. Then since there is less money in the people's hands, demand for goods and services decreases, which causes more plants to shut down, which means more jobs lost. Do not believe the hype about economic recovery. Get your seeds in the ground brethren and sistren. Get the supplies your family will need to live. Food, water (filtration), medicine (colloidal silver, essiac, oil of oregano, garlic oil caps, stabilized oxygen, estr-C, etc....), shelter (family sized tent, camping gear, in case you must go on an extended camping trip), and don't forget know-how. If you do not have experience in survival technique, at least get yourself a good book on the subject so that you can learn as you go. Bilderberg is meeting right now in Greece. When these parasitic swine are done with their little secret meeting, we can expect to see the big push for one world government initiated in earnest. They have set it up. All they now must do to completely remove what few constitutional rights remain, is attach the killer gene to the virus which was recently tested for it's communicability, and re-release it but on a much broader scale. The emergency pandemic laws are already in place. They merely declare pandemic level-6, and martial law begins. Factor in the draconian legislation currently being forced into Uncle Sam's back door, add Obama's civilian "Truth" squad, just as big, just as well funded, as the U.S. military, and America will suddenly be under New World Order control. The banks will fail. The dollar will hyper inflate. And then the government will announce that "something must be done". This is not a worse case scenario. Throw in some false flag events from our government, and the whole thing intensifies. The New York Times is now reporting that the boy scouts of America are being trained to conduct SWAT style raids, with guns. In defense of the "homeland"! The homeland?! What the f#%k? Have we woke from a bad dream, only to realize the nightmare has come true? Boy scouts training to defend the "homeland" from "extremists" who go to church, believe in the Bill of Rights, home school their children, and criticize their government?! People, when your government announces that anyone who criticizes the government are violent "extremists", the fat lady is waiting in the wings. There is no economic recovery. The tea party did not convince the communists to embrace the Republic. For God's sake, Geitner is at Bilderberg taking orders from his global masters RIGHT NOW. Economic recovery. My pimpled ass.


M.D. Creekmore said...

Thanks for the link to I have been using The Survival Seed Vault with good results but am always interested in other sources.

Virtual Eve said...

Hey Joel, once again your article hits home. Its good to have your website on my favorites list. We have made our second ever veggie garden but sadly did not use organic seed this time. We are novice gardeners doing the best we can and hoping intuition steers us right.

I think you are right about the economy and being as prepared as possible is the best thing anyone can do at this time in history.

Thanks for your dedication and good work Joel. It is inspiring. ♥