Monday, May 4, 2009

New World Order Three Phase Assault on America

Greetings cave-dwellers. Phase I of the NWO-FLU appears to be subsiding. Patriots Cave is holding a position of caution. Something about this Pork-flu tells us that there is more than meets the eye. It is in my nature to look for signs and omens. According to the signs given, there will come another phase of the NWO operation. We are not yet sure of what they accomplished or were trying to accomplish, but the signs say that what happened in the last week was a precursor to a much harsher facet of their plan. Patriots Cave actually expects 2 more phases in the New World Order attack on America. We have seen Phase I initiated. Phase two will be initiated sometime around June 21st or 22nd. Phase III will commence sometime around July 4th. Patriots Cave will remain vigilant in assessing data collected via our array of real-time situational monitoring sites. Please keep in mind that Patriots Cave is not a documented news portal. This is a blog. On this blog we are free to utilize instinct, intuition, conjecture, prophecy, the oracles, and of course documented facts. You are also welcome to use Patriots Cave Real-Time Situational Monitoring Sites as you wish. The RSMS is located below the daily posts. If you live near Yellowstone, you may be interested to view the Yellowstone Mega-volcano monitor. The caldera has been quite active in the past week. Another feature you may not be aware of is our online POLICE-FIRE-EMT SCANNER website link, also in the RSMS section below. Last week during the height of the NWO-FLU scare, Patriots Cave was monitoring police frequencies in Texas, in order to hear firsthand what the situation was down there close to the border. +++++++ If Phase I was designed to spread the precursor to a highly virulent hybrid bacterio-virus, then it was a success for them. While the symptoms were not severe outside of Mexico, they did manage to spread the marker far and wide. That may have laid the groundwork for Phase II. Patriots Cave fully expects the evil powers to launch Phase II and III before the Summer is over. One of the phases is likely to be a Superflu. The other phase is likely to be a nuclear or chemical attack. It is my hope that before such atrocities are carried out by those evil ones of the New World Order, their plans will be exposed by one of their own members. If that does not happen, it will be up to an informed and educated citizenry to remain mindful and observative, in the hopes we can expose their plans before they are carried out. But what we must never do is to become distracted to the point of running with the herds of clone. Last week whilst all the flu hype raged, it was announced that the senate voted "NO" on a bill that would have helped people whose homes are in foreclosure. You see how they are? They take trillions of our dollars to give to the extremely wealthy who's investments didn't pan out. Yet when it comes to giving a little to the middle class who actually PAY taxes, their answer is "NO". They say "NO. Take your family out to Tent City and sleep on the ground. We cannot spare you peasants any of your own tax dollars. We need it all for executive bonuses and 3 week vacations to Barbados." That is our government. For the people. By the people. Of the people. Even though over 85% of the people were against the so called "corporate bailout" in the first place. Yes, they announced that little gem as a footnote during the "pandemic". Imagine what they will try during Phases II and III? We must keep all eyes on these bastards. Pray hard for spiritual strength and resistance to spiritual and physical disease.


JustinIst said...

Joel, don't forget the treasonous Jane Harman/AIPAC scandal that was starting to gain very serious public attention just before the first swine flu cases were reported in Mexico. That issue had the potential to seriously affect Congess, corporate lobbies, illegal wiretapping, Israeli influence in gov., and possibly the expose' of rampant voter fraud. THAT was a can of worms that could not be allowed to open! It embodied EVERYTHING that we have warned our friends and countrymen about: that America has been sold down the river by our greedy " representatives ". I am ashamed to share the same California soil with Ms. Harman.

JustinIst said...

Oh, yes. Let's not forget the HR 1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act bill in Congress that was sponsored by aforenamed traitor. Ugh! Lord have Mercy!

Humble wife said...

You know what? I believe that the flu was a test run! I am going to reference another movie-( please do not think I sit around watching movies all day long) but the movie Jurassic Park had a scene where the raptors were testing the fence for weakness. This is what I am seeing with the flu-

an initial outbreak~sound the alarms(oh but the US will not close the border nor allow the border patrol to wear masks)...

the initial outbreak showed that the media was hyping this all the while downplaying things to us...come on mo one has died(well that is a true US citizen)

And the general non nonchalance towards this as HEY WE ARE Americans- We are invincible!!!

I believe that we will see an additional wave. I have always believed that August this year was when I should be done prepping etc...and I still feel that way. So keep writing. We must continue our prayers and remember that times now are likened unto the days of Noah- and never forget what happened to the entire world save 8...fortunately while times of Noah are upon us, we also have a free pardon...Praise God for that.

New Mexico Prepper

Anonymous said...

Just a test... The elites have to keep the public afraid, clinging to their big daddy government for protection. The media magicians are already putting it into the public conscious that we may have to give up some freedoms for security. 9/11 all over again perhaps.

I could speculate all day about the flu and how it will help their NWO agenda. However, it's rather pointless I suppose. We have CIFTA to worry about, hate crimes legislation, and God only knows what else

If you have not heard about it, research a group known as the Council for National Policy. It has members such as Oliver North, Ashcroft, Stan Montieth, Larry Pratt, and many more known faces. It has members who share membership with the CFR. It was also directly responsible for the Contra Affair, in which they publicly stated they wanted to export the Contra Patriot militia groups to America to purge dissenters. It also ties in with the REX84 project and others. Founded by Tim LaHaye the author of the Left Behind Series, with funding from the Heritage Foundation, even some funding from Rockefellers. This group is more secretive than the CFR, and has enormous political clout, as well as many members with the Knights of Malta, and direct ties with the globalists NWO agenda. Then, ask yourself why those within the Patriot movement, the major figure heads, never talk about this group, the secret right as it's known. Why does Alex Jones bring on regular guests who are members of this group? Who sit at the same table as Oliver North? A group which helped bring Bush into power. The group that vetted Palin. Do the research it's a deep rabit hole, and perhaps you'll begin to understand how the globalists are controlling both sides of the game.

Anyways, good article...

Joel the K said...

Thanks for the compliment. But save the AJ bashing for somebody elses blog. I could spend the next hour telling you why you are being misled, but I can't keep doing that everytime somebody takes a cheap shot at Alex. So please, AJ woke me up. And he woke up 95% of the rest of us. Think about that.