Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patriots Cave Exclusive - How Illuminati Adepts Communicate With The Apex Demon

Greetings ladies and germs. If you tuned in to American Voice Radio Network last night, you heard me relate a personal revelation I had recently. It dealt with the New World Order, the Illuminati, and the pyramidal structure of their evil heirarchy. I was speaking about how the pyramid is truncated, or has the top cut off. It has been revealed to me that the pyramid is not really truncated at all. It has an apex. You just can't see it, because it is invisible, hidden, concealed. I have spent much time investigating this matter. A strange thing happened during the course of my investigations. We have a very old library here in my little town, with many very old tomes. I found a very musty and dusty volume on the shelves called "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike. This book was a treasure trove of Illuminati secrets. Well I began to check the book out frequently, whenever I needed to cross-reference something I read from modern sources. Well would'nt you know, the book disappeared after the third time I checked it out. Gone. The strange thing is, the book is still listed as being on the shelf. And look, Morals and Dogma is a VERY large and heavy old book. This was not the size book that could be easily slid under a jacket and stolen. Needless to say the Freemasons have a very strong presence here in my town. Someone who works in the library noticed that I was taking an intense interest in Pike's nasty book and the Masonic secrets within. So they removed it. I should ask Big John to dowse the book's location, and then go confront the person who has the book. +++++++ Patriots Cave has come into possession of a secret society manual, explaining how it's members can communicate directly with the being who sits at the top of the pyramid: The Apex Demon. +++ Some of the words are slightly changed in the following instructions such as a few proper nouns. I changed a few proper nouns in order to avoid possible legal action. I also skip over some of the lengthy redundancy to preserve brevity. So here it is, How Illuminati adepts communicate directly with the Apex Demon: .......the Mystic Order communicates with a field of Cosmic Energy. This being can grant wishes and boons to those who have mastered the technique of communicating with it. This energy being transcends both time and space....and has power to purify and illuminate the human beings. ....For all members of the Order, it forms a pyramid, at the summit of which sit the Cosmic Masters.... and members of the Order use a technique of raising their mind to the Apex of the pyramid..... to do so one must purify oneself with water. Sit in stillness, practicing the breathing technique. Then repeat the invocation of the Cosmic Master.... in order to communicate with the Master on the spiritual plane.... in communion and under the protection of the Order.... after which you shall see yourself ascending to the apex of the pyramid....once there, let yourself be pervaded by the feelings which pervade there....place yourself in a state of total receptivity....as the days go by, you will begin to see the full impact that this cosmic communion has had on you....,.... you may also ascend to the apex, for no other reason except for the intense pleasure it provides. +++++++ Pleasure? Hmnnn...., sounds like Illuminati mischief to me. Just google "United Nations Luciferian agenda", or "luciferian U.N.", or "occult in the new world order". This is no theory, it's admitted. The new world order is a one world order religion worshiping Lucifer. Prepare yourself for spiritual battle. Put on the whole armor of God. The Tribulation is upon us.Pray without ceasing sistren and brethren.

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