Friday, May 1, 2009

We Have Been Lied To - It's a Massive Cover Up

Greetings brethren, sistren, and alien. Apparently NASA "experts" are having second thoughts about getting a base on Earth's moon by the year 2020. By 2020!? Holy cow guys! That's 11 years away! Funny how humans were able to put men on the moon back in the 1960s when the very finest computers available only had the computing power of modern digital alarm clock. Yet now, here in 2009, with the scientific community boasting about supercomputers, artificial intelligence, gene splicing, and advanced robotics, NASA does not feel they can pitch a tent on the moon by 2020! What's the problem guys? You already have a freakin space station floating around up there. You guys can make a pit-stop on your way to the moon this time. You know, pull over for a little bathroom break, fill up the tank and check the oil. How long did it supposedly take last time to plan and land men on the moon? Wasn't it 5 years? And now you have a space shuttle, robots, super-dooper computers and all kinds of new technology. Why can't you get it done in 11 years? Tell the truth NASA. Come on now. You know it would feel good to just let it out. Just take a deep breath and say: "Okay! Okay! We never went to the moon! The whole thing was faked. We did not have the technology to pass through the Van Allen belt then, and we still don't. Okay? There it is." +++ I Joel the K must admit, up until late last year (2008) I still believed that America landed men on the moon. Then I met a revolutionary, who simply challenged me to investigate ALL of the evidence with a clear, objective attitude. That I did. What I discovered was embarrassing. The evidence proves it 100x over. We have never landed a live human being on the moon. I even saw a NASA film that they accidentally released, which showed the astronauts holding up fake pictures in order to make it look like they were beyond earth orbit. When in fact they stayed in earth orbit the whole time. Around and round they went. I know many of you will let government propaganda induced pride well up inside your bosom, and you will angrily defend the same group of liars who have lied to us over and over and over and over again. That's okay. I did the same thing just a few short months ago. I challenge you who disagree with me, to take another look at the evidence, from an objective, unemotional viewpoint. Do not just watch one video by some conspiracy "debunker" and come back saying "you are wrong Joel, I heard it debunked". No. You must view ALL of the evidence. I will gladly post this evidence if you wish. And remember. If you think that it would be too big of a cover up for them to pull off, just consider 911 for a few moments. We once believed that lie too.


Humble wife said...

I saw the movie Capricorn One when I was a kid, and that is when I began my doubts.

If we went then...why can't we now? I am a skeptic by heart I guess.

Humble wife said...

Am I alone in my thoughts?

Joel the K said...

I have never seen Capricorn I. I think i will see if i can find it. Here's one: You know on a really hot day how much an air conditioner struggles to keep the air cool? Well NASA expects us to believe that a little back-pack air-conditioner with 1960s technology, was able to both cool and heat the astronauts in the extreme temperature changes on the moon. 250 degrees hot, then in the shade -200 degrees cold. And that AC unit was able to do all that with a BATTERY!! ha ha. Musta been a Duracel battery! Where can i find an AC unit like that and some super-batteries to power it? Thanks for your comments Jennifer.

Humble wife said...

Oh you should rent it. I have even seen it at our local library. It has Elliot Gould, OJ Simpson, the Law and Order attorney, the guy married to Barbara Striesand, and more. It is pretty well done considering the era!

And thanks for the postings. I am a daily reader...sometimes twice or so, if I have a break from the farm( I do as the jobs are pieced throughout the day!)
Not to be a bearer of bad news but OJ is killed in the movie~

Anonymous said...

Well, I was with you until you said we never went to the moon. It's a simple matter of math, engineering and physics.

I suppose you think we never invented the jet airliner either.