Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Battlefields of the Future: The Astral Planes

Here it comes. Financial analysts with proven track records are anticipating a bank "holiday" by late Summer of this year (2009). That means the banks lock the doors and if your money is in there you are just out of luck. During the big crash of the 1920s, the government declared a bank holiday. Many banks never opened their doors again. My Grandfather and his brother lost their life savings to the bank. All their money, gone. That is why my Grand-Dad kept all his money in a big tackle box behind a loose concrete block in the crawl space of the basement. He had silver and cash in that box. The first time I saw him open it I lost my breath. This was many decades after the banks collapsed and he lost his savings. My Grandpa worked in the coal mines of Pennsylvania from the age of 12, saved his money and was getting ready to go into the automobile business around the time that the bank saw fit to lock the door and tell my Grandpa that his money was "just gone". +++ So now Bob Chapman and others are predicting a bank holiday this Summer or early Autumn. Other analysts are predicting $5.00 + per gallon gasoline this Summer. Iran dumped the dollar last week. China is wiggling away from the weak dollar and the world is closer to total war right now than it has been in many years. Some Iranians are saying that if the rebellion against Ahmadinijad fails, there will be nuclear war. North Korea has also stated that if the USA messes with them, they will attack with atomic power and dozens of Ding-dong missiles. Picture the frightening vision of seeing dozens of North Korean Ding-dongs erupting high into the atmosphere. The Ding-dong missile is similar to the SCUD missile only longer. Longer range that is. So we must fear Kim Jong Il's ding-dong. +++ All humor aside now,.... sorry I could not resist. +++++++ The bank holiday is no laughing matter. What will most likely follow a bank closure would be an introduction of a new world currency and/or a cashless electronic currency. Patriots Cave does not have financial advice for you. This country is so far into the New World Order take over that Patriots Cave cannot even see a way out of it. The politicians are in the NWOs pocket. The news papers and the TV news programs are owned by the NWO. A private corporation owned by the NWO bankers controls all the money in the USA. So what to do about it? Patriots Cave is taking a different approach. The way we see it, the material plane is over-ran. It is completely taken over by New World Order eugenicists. But they don't own the astral plane. They don't control the spiritual planes. THIS is where the resistance can be effectively utilized. One individual who has mastered his/her own spirit is more powerful than one-thousand individuals who are in the grip spiritual poverty. Because of this, Patriots Cave is introducing a new website called: The Astral Resistance. You can link to it here at www.astralrecon.blogspot.com , check it down and don't forget to bookmark it on your favorites. I do not know how to promote the site on the search engines and stuff, so if you would tell a few people about it in order to get it rolling that would be most appreciated. The Astral Resistance was accepted yesterday as an affiliate member of Llewellyn books. Llewellyn is the worlds biggest publisher of esoteric literature. You are invited to come over to the Astral Resistance and follow along with our progress. Or some of you may even wish to join in on the adventure. I truly believe that lucid dreaming and astral projection are the cutting edge of human evolution. More and more scientists and physicists are exploring the astral worlds seeking data and making observations regarding this quantum multiverse we all are a part of. In fact Nikola Tesla is known to have designed and built many of his inventions on the astral planes first, THEN he would build it here in the material world. These concepts are no longer the stuff of science fiction books. The greatest innovations and or ideas of this millenium will be strongly influenced by experiences and observations made on the astral planes. Check out today's post called: "Our First Mission". Go to http://www.astralrecon.blogspot.com/

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