Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bring Down The NWO - Summer Solstice Draws Near

Greetings sistren and heathen. Happy day from Ohio. The Summer solstice draws near. Our heirloom crops here at the cave ranch are growing at record speed. Even faster than the lawn! We received an abundance of rain this past week. When I am done with my coffee and this post, I am going to go plant some more heirloom seeds. I stagger the planting so that harvest does not come all at the same time. I have a lettuce patch that is about 15' x 15'. Then we have a multi-crop garden patch which measures roughly 60' x 65'. I add raised beds every fortnight. For my raised beds I use old tires. I cut the sidewalls off with a large SCUBA knife. Then I paint the tire white, and fill it up with rich, dark, earth. I go into the woods and scrape the top 2-3 inches of soil and shovel it into the wheelbarrow. The dirt from the woods is very rich in minerals because all the leaves and insects which have decomposed into it year after year. I hope you too are fighting the New World Order by growing your own heirloom garden. The NWO can keep their mutated terminator seeds designed to make people ill. We will grow God's own fruit and vegetables the way it was supposed to be. I can't think of a better way to eat right, clean out my insides, exercise my body, lose weight, tone up, get a nice tan, feed my family pure healthy food, and save thousands of dollars while doing it! I kid you not. Summer has not even officially began yet and already my skin is bronzed, my waist is over an inch smaller, and I have that nice "sore" feeling in my muscles. Some people call that soreness "pain", but let me share an insight. That soreness we get from working outside, weeding, digging, hoeing, walking around, pushing, pulling, hefting and so on, is our friend. I say it again: that soreness is your friend. Because if your muscles are sore, then you know that you are not going soft and useless, atrophied and flabby. Yes brethren and sistren, it is good to be sore. And its good to get out in the sunshine too. Don't believe what they say about the sun. They just want you to buy chemicals to smear on your body. It's bullspit. If you are fair-skinned and burn easily, wear a wide brim sun hat and thin long sleeve shirts. Forget those chemicals. And diet pills? Blah. If you eat fresh, crunchy heirloom veggies from your own garden, the abundance of fiber and vitamins and minerals will supply the body with what it needs. The fiber will clean out all that NWO crust built up in your guts. It's time to get back to basics. Forget the pills and creams and chemicals. Get out there and plant your heirloom vegetables, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working in harmony with what is good and true and right. You still have time to plant this year. I will continue planting all the way up until August. So don't think that its too late to plant a garden this year. Big John Lipscomb will ship your heirloom seeds faster than you thought possible. And this week only, Big John is offering the long term food solution Survivalistseeds for $99 bucks. If you have been putting this off, now is the time. You will never get an opportunity to secure your families long term food solution for this unprecedented low price. Remember what I said. You still have time this year to plant a healthy life-sustaining garden with Big John Lipscomb's 100% non-hybrid, all natural, heirloom seeds. You guys I wrote this post for YOU. You need to do this. What does your heart tell you? Do the right thing. Click on one of the Survivalistseeds banners right here in the PatriotsCave, or go directly to and check out Big John's time capsule and the incredible $99 offer. Think of the benefits I mentioned.

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