Monday, June 1, 2009

PatriotsCave vs. Empire of the City

Good day to you. Patriots Cave has been relatively dormant as of late. I have noticed this trend all across the patriot/Truth movement websites. I think the death towers are broadcasting frequencies to make us feel futile and frustrated. The New World Order is attacking us on so many fronts simultaneously that it seems nearly hopeless to mount a defense. It feels like the patriot radio programs are merely preaching to the choir these days. Then on the other hand we have this disturbing new arrival of right-wingers from the New World Order controlled media monopolies, disguised as grass roots resistance to tyranny. It all serves to blur our focus of the big picture. I think one of the problems is that even in the alternative media, the core or foundation from which information and opinion is assembled, is still the syndicated mainstream media like AP, Reuters, N.Y. Times, Fox News, Yahoo News, MSM News, and so on. As we know, this mass-media syndicate is controlled by the Ring Of Power: Washington D.C., which is a separate governmental entity from the USA which it governs, "The City" within the heart of London, yet also a separate entity from London and England, which it governs, and finally Vatican City, which is a sovereign state by itself, separated from Rome and Italy which it governs. These cities are separated from the lands which they rule over. It is "The Empire of the City". Each one of these hubs of the New World Order is identified by a large obelisk. Washington D.C. has the Washington monument, Vatican City has the obelisk which sits smack in the center of St. Peters "square", and "The City" in London has an obelisk known as The Needle of Isis. You can find out more about the empire of the city by watching the expose' film called "Ring of Power". Scroll down until you see an Egyptian pyramid and the film's title. +++ The point is that even though we like to refer to alternative news sources, those sources very often build their articles upon information supplied to them by New World Order propaganda generators. Which means public opinion, even public opinion within the patriot/truth movement, is being shaped and manipulated by agents of the New World Order, and/or those near the top of the masonic-Illuminati power pyramid. How easy it must be for them to toss a bone out there for us to chew on. Child's play it must seem to them. How ridiculous we must seem in their eyes, thinking we have discovered some leaked information or hidden secret. +++++++ So yes sistren and heathen, Patriots Cave has been relatively dormant lately. I am reassessing the situation. I'm going back to basics. I feel a lot of what we are doing on this Internet is a designed distraction. And what do we really get done? Sure great things are accomplished, no doubt. But I think that is the minority of programs and websites. A small fraction of websites, groups, programs and individuals actually produce positive results. The remainder of those sites, programs and individuals are doing something else I feel. What else? This is the question we need to put to every website, every talk-show host, every program, and every individual or group who wants our attention for 42 minutes, or wants our financial support, or wants us to distribute information. I think we have become caught up in this high-speed game we call the Internet. I for one am going to begin asking myself some hard questions about what exactly is being accomplished. I think you will agree with me that the phrase "people need to wake up..." has been played out. No. People do not need to wake up. People can sleep all they want. It is I who needs to "do something". This New World Order takeover is subtle and entrenched. It is in the air, in the water, in the food, in the school, in your wallet, in our body and at your fingertips. It has amalgamated with the very superstructure of social technology. It has invaded the collective soul of the majority of Earth's human inhabitants. Each day it grows even more because people are born into it now. The last bastion of traditional values are growing old. The baby-boomers are the retired generation now. What values have they passed on to the next generation? What are they trying to accomplish even now? What are you trying to accomplish? Waking people up? Do you home school your children? Do you watch television daily? Maybe we should start right there, working on OUR family and ourselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should accept the New World Order. What I am saying is that instead of "waking people up", I am focusing on first mastering myself, being sure that I am fully awake. Being sure that I am operating at the maximum capacity of my potential. Making sure I am raising my children to realize their potential and to be self-sufficient. +++ Another thing. I want to be clear here on something. There are a few websites and a few people who I feel are doing a fantastic job at informing the people about how the New World Order operates, and how they are forever trying to sew evil and destruction and tyranny. I salute those brave one's who have been called to that mission. And I support them. But they are not all what they appear to be. +++ I have read that it is good to be doers of the word, and not mere hearers of the word. Anyway, Patriots Cave will be focusing more on the micro-level and not so much the macro level. Most of all I will be working on realizing my own potential so that I can then serve to better help others. And for Gods sake don't fall for this lie that we are on the verge of an economic boom. We have yet to experience the reactions resulting from our previous actions at the national level. Do not stop prepping for hard times and famine. It is our duty to feed ourselves and our family. If you are not growing your own food from non-GMO, non-hybrid seed stock, you should start right there I feel, and bring down the New World Order beast, ONE BITE AT A TIME!


Jay Dyer said...

While I certainly admit there are evil men and Satanists in the Vatican, the obelisk in St. Peter's has been there since Rome's pagan days, and when Rome was gradually Christianized, a cross was placed on top of the obelisk to symbolize the victory of Xianity.

Joel the K said...

Yes I know. Its all tied in to Egypt. Have you seen Ring of Power, Empire of the City? What's your take on it Jay?