Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mysterious White-Hot Solar Disc Spotted In Ohio

Greetings web crawlers. Patriots Cave is noticing that the New World Order has declared a full-scale megademic level #6. Not surprising. I do not remember the date, but if you were to open the Patriots Cave archives back to the week when the swine-flu scare first happened a few months ago, you would see where it was predicted that this was a move by the globalists to get the entire planet inoculated with some kind of very special potion. If you are not a subscriber to Dr. Carley's e-mail updates, I recommend you look her up on your search engine at once and get signed up. Dr. Carley has some very illuminating information regarding this pandemic, the vaccines they are now brewing, rabies, eugenics, Lucifer, and the New World Order. So fire up your search engine and check it down. Also if you somehow missed the video I was pushing for weeks on end by Dr. Alma Ott, I highly recommend it. Go to youtube and type in "Dr. Ott, Bird flu hoax" and it will come right up. It is a 12 part info-film that everybody needs to see. Dr. Ott and Dr. Carley are good people, we should support them and tell our loved one's about them. +++++++ Okay, back to this synthetic flu they are preparing to re-release: Yes wave #2 is in the bullpen warming up. I can't prove it, but that is my opinion. Even if I'm wrong, you can be certain that more nasty viruses and bacterialogical agents will be floating around in the months and years to come. I suggest you get your family a solar powered colloidal silver generator. You can get your solar powered colloidal silver generator by clicking the advertisement on the right hand side of this Patriots Cave website page. The ad shows a flexible solar panel with electrodes leading to a pair of pure 100% silver rods, submerged in a container of pure, distilled water. With this machine you will be in a position to manufacture your own colloidal silver with which to battle any nasty megademic microns invading your body. I am telling you from experience: it works. I pulled a tick from my groin two weeks ago and the ticks head remained inside my skin. A nasty infection developed. I began drinking a double-dose of colloidal silver three times a day. After 2 days my glands, which had been swollen and popped up and out, went back down to normal. Now I am fine. It's just such a great tool to have. Especially if we are struck by frequent blackouts and frequent germ attacks. So you'll want to get your solar powered colloidal silver generator right away. We are approaching the so called "Summer of Hell". So don't mess around ladies and germs. +++ Tonight I saw something very, very strange. I saw the sun. And I kid you not, I did not know if I was looking at the sun or the moon. The sun was still up pretty high in the sky. But it was white. Completely white hot. I have never seen that before. And I am a sky watching nutter. I suspect it has something to do with the aerial spraying campaign. Should have had my camera handy. No doubt it was an omen. Tonight in the dream worlds I will look for the answer behind the mystery of the white hot sun. I often recieve answers to questions on the dream planes. Try it. Ask yourself a question as you fall asleep. And see what happens. Jai Ram!


Mayberry said...

I consider this "pandemic" a trial run for something much bigger. The delivery system has been proven.... Me and mine are flu free, mostly because we keep to ourselves I suppose. Thanks for the heads up on Dr. Carly.

Joel the K said...

Yeah I think you might be right about that May-B. Glad to hear you all are healthy and swine-free down there in Texas. Thanks for stopping in to the cave. I did not know you ever visited here. Your blog gets buku hits every day. Thanks again May-B.