Thursday, June 18, 2009

North Korea and the Great Balls of Fire

Greetings ladies and germs. Welcome to the Patriots Cave. We here in The Cave feel compelled to urge you on towards making preparations against the troubled times to come. Lately it seems their has been a lull in the sounding of the warning call. Patriots Cave urges you to double down on your preps at this time. The times of trouble are upon the free peoples of this planet. The drums of war can once again be heard at night, when all is quiet. Get your house ready brethren and sistren, there is much movement in the air. The United States is gearing up for World War III at this time. North Korea is a key player. Iran is a key player. The U.S.A. and Mexico are also in the mix. +++ Some may say we have heard all this before. And that talk of war with Iran has been going on for years now. Yes, it's true. But something is much, much different now. Something has developed which makes an attack against Iran imminent. Iran has stopped using the U.S. dollar. Iran has abandoned the world currency known as the petro-dollar. Saddam Hussein did the same thing. The "coalition" invaded Iraq shortly after Saddam dumped the petro-dollar. Now Iran has followed suit. And North Korea is Iran's ally. The combined forces of Iran and North Korea are not to be underestimated. North Korea has in recent years added significantly to their armed forces and arsenal. The USA has apx. 1.3 million active military troops. North Korea has apx. 1.1 million active military troops. The USA has apx. 1.4 million active reserve troops available. North Korea has 4.7 million active reserve troops available. The USA has roughly 18,000 airplanes . North Korea has roughly 2,000 airplanes. This is a large disparity yes, BUT, the U.S. 18,000 aircraft are spread out in several different theatres of operation which means the number of aircraft available in the Korean peninsula would be nowhere near 18,000. The USA has 30,000 land-based weapons, N.Korea has 17,000. The USA has 5,000 towed artillery pieces. North Korea has 3,500. Navy ships? USA=1,500 vs. N.Korea=700. The U.S. has 12 aircraft carriers. North Korea has none. The USA has 75 submarines. North Korea has 97 submarines. The USA has 28 mine-warfare ships. North Korea has 23 mine warfare ships. The USA has 100 coastal patrol craft, North Korea has 492 coastal patrol craft, more than any other nation on Earth. Of course it is true that the USA has more sophisticated weaponry and advanced technology. But that could prove to be it's Achilles heel. The entire U.S. military machine is dependant upon computers, and wireless communications. If an enemy detonated one or more nuclear devices high in the atmosphere, creating a massive EMP, the US war machine could be completely off balance. In which case an army made up of outdated equipment and basic old fashioned weapons might gain the advantage. A large horse cavalry could quickly become a feared and respected fighting force as they were in ages past. +++ Back to the notion of preparing for emergencies and logistical shortages. An EMP could happen at any time. The closer we get to 2012, the closer we get to the next cycle of sunspot activity. Scientists are predicting the next "solar max" to occur in 2012. Once in awhile our star emits massive balls of plasma towards earth. The next time it happens it could get really ugly since power could be knocked out for months. No power would mean store shelves would go bare in 1 day, medicine would be gone, and so many more problems would occur, too many to mention. Point is, do not depend on government or corporations for your food and water and well being. Stock up on food, water, water purifiers, and heirloom veggie seeds. there's your food and water. Then get a solar powered colloidal silver generator and grow medicinal herbs. There's your medicine. Keep your socks dry at all times, and get your prep on.

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