Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Oracle Gives An Ominous Reading

Lace up your boots ladies and germs. We are entering a sector of space-time with ominous signposts on both sides of the road. Patriots Cave consulted the Oracle this morning with regards to the next 40 days. The specific question asked was this: "What will happen to America in the next 40 days?". Patriots Cave made note of several significant omens which pointed towards June/July as a chunk of space-time with possible catastrophic events unfolding in the United States. These omens were cause for the latest consultation of the Oracle. It is not something Patriots Cave takes lightly. The last time that the Oracle was consulted, an accurate forecast was given regarding a specific event. The event unfolded almost exactly as described, but not quite exactly. The timing was off by two days. I will paraphrase some of what was given regarding the next 40 days: " ...ruler and ruled....very close to disaster...people are stripped of their abodes....Those above secure their homes by kindness to those blame means removing the distinction between above and below, the ruler and the ruled... " Keep in mind, Patriots Cave is not a documented news source, or a website dedicated to formal dogma or doctrine. Patriots Cave is basically an outlet for expression, of mood, emotion, prediction, conjecture, opinion, belief, and the like. It is in the spirit of exploration and experimentation that this website is driven. Its purpose is not to affect the reader towards blind action. But rather towards the further discovery and examination of oneself. While at the same time, throwing standards and rules right out the side window, thus allowing a freedom of expression and lighthearted visions of prosperity and doom, epiphany and nonsense, irreverence and sacred observance, whatever suits the wing on any day's flight. But this is not to say that veins of pure gold are not to be found among the tin, for those with eyes to see, and pick to swing. Be on your guard. Let us push ourselves a little further each day than we thought possible, and choose to do what we know in our heart to be right.


JustinIst said...

Sorry Joel. I don't understand what you mean by the Oracle. What sort of oracle is it? Divinitory like Tarot or Geomancy? A channeling? Automatic writing? Please e-mail me a response if that's alright with you. I only ask because I follow your blog and this reference is new to me. Not to mention I have some experience in divination as well and if you could explain it to me it might help clarify the article as it relates to the world stage at present. And it may have me running for my divinatory tools myself! hee hee.

Joel the K said...

I can't find your e-mail address Justinst. Consult your divining tools and we'll compare. E-mail me so I can e-mail you back.