Monday, June 15, 2009

Return of the Watchers - Giant Aliens and UFOs Seen by 500

Greetings sistren and brethren. Forgive my absence. It's good to be back. I'll get right to it. The Watchers may very well be coming back here to our Earth in 2012. In October, 1989 a flying saucer landed in the middle of a city park in the city of Voronezh, Russia. Voronezh had a population of over 800,000 people at that time. Russian scientists have verified that over 40 people were witness to the landing of a disk shaped craft. 3 humanoid creatures exited the craft, escorted by a small droid. The 3 creatures ranged in height from 9 to 14 feet. Some witnesses testified to seeing three eyes on the alien's faces. Others reported that there were only two eyes plus a strange mark or protuberance between the two eyes. It is interesting to note that this story made the front page of the New York Times. Only the Times screwed the translation up in a big way, and thus ruined the story. Scientists, including Prof. Genrikh Silanov, Director of the Geophysical Laboratory reported that the path followed by the trio of aliens was ascertained by use of biolocation. This is where the N.Y. Times messed up. They printed in the story the word "bilocation" instead of "biolocation". Biolocation is a special term in Soviet psychotronic literature indicative of dowsing or radiethesia. In other words, an expert dowser was brought in to corroborate eye-witness reports as to the path followed by the giant aliens. But the Times printed the word BI-LOCATION, which means being in two places at the same time as some holy men and saints have been reported to have accomplished. Nevertheless, the mis-translation caused investigators in the USA to disregard the most compelling, well documented and thoroughly investigated close encounter of the third kind known in modern times. Soviet scientists estimated the weight of the craft to be apx. 11.5 tons judging from the imprints left on the ground at the landing site. Also noted is that microorganisms around the landing site were reduced to almost nil. Even weeks later, microorganisms, insects, worms and the like, were found to be significantly lower than areas outside of the landing site. +++ Patriots Cave has posted a film about the 1989 Voronezh case for you to watch. This case certainly adds some interest to such theories as return of the Nephilim or Watchers as recorded by the great prophet Enoch. And also Zachariah Stitchin's work regarding the return of Niburu and the Annunaki. Very strange indeed. +++ NOTICE +++ NOTICE +++ WATCH FILM by scrolling down below blog-posts +++

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