Monday, June 29, 2009

The Shot Heard 'Round the World

It's gettin kinda hectic here in the late, great, USA. Obama's "change" is happening so fast it's hard to keep up with. Of course that is the New World Order's game plan, hit'em so hard and so fast that it'll make their fluoridated heads spin. Well they're spinning all right. In all seriousness, things are going to get very intense this year. The economy will crash even worse than it is now in late Summer. Gasoline prices will hit $5.00 per gallon. And the biggest concern at this time is whether or not the Federal government will order mandatory Swine-flu vaccinations. The msm reports that 600 million doses of shots are being readied and that 60 million shots are almost done fermenting now. Judging by the way things have been going since January, it looks like they will issue the mandatory flu-shot order by Autumn. This will be the beginning of total freakin chaos in America because millions of people are now aware that these vaccines contain live cancer cells, mercury, and a list of other disgusting poisons and carcinogens. Which means that millions are prepared to refuse the shot. Which means the government will either have to back down, or enact total martial law to enforce the mandatory shots through the barrel of a gun. All for a man-made virus which has allegedly killed a whopping 125 people across the globe. WTF? So the government is prepared to turn America over on it's head, collapse what's left of our sabotaged economy, terrorize the citizenry and threaten the people with physical violence and death, all to save us from a flu that kills 1 person out of 100 million MAYBE. No folks, it does not add up. There is something very sinister going on here. Baxter Labs is making the vaccines and they already got caught loading batches of shots with live virus! And then they get awarded the multi-billion dollar contract to manufacture swine-flu vaccines. Make sense? If you have not done your homework regarding vaccines, you better. This is NOT a made up conspiracy theory. Here are some links for you which include documented facts.
The following information might be the most important thing you ever read. It could save your life or the life of someone you love. It is from the website :
Did You KNOW. . .that during the last session of the US Congress, the pharmaceutical industry assigned to each member of the House and Senate six lobbyists each to provide campaign support and contributions in exchange for congressional votes on legislation that grants liability protection to the drug companies for injuries, disabilities, and deaths caused by all vaccines? Why? All vaccines contain toxic chemicals, DNA from animal tissue & aborted fetuses, and foreign proteins in the form of either live or dead viruses and bacteria.nbsp; Current vaccine technology is based on science that is over two hundred years old and which says that vaccines "safely stimulate an immune response." However, Today's Advanced Science states that this is IMPOSSIBLE! The most advanced science on the human immune system, developed over the past 100 years in the field of tissue and organ transplant, proves that the human immune system cannot be tricked, suppressed, or controlled into accepting or tolerating any foreign DNA or proteins.nbsp; The human immune response to the recognition of any foreign tissue or substance (by infection, injection, or transplantation) always involves a KILLER reaction upon the foreign invader. The Dangers of Vaccination Toxic chemicals added to vaccines create immunologic as well as nervous system problems because they are not easily eliminated from the body, they accumulate in brain and organ tissues, and they damage nerves.nbsp; Foreign proteins and DNA, when not adequately neutralized and eliminated by the immune system, can penetrate through cellular membranes. Once inside the cells, the foreign DNA bonds to or replaces entire segments of your own DNA, after which the immune system no longer recognizes as "self."nbsp; When healthy cells mutate into "non-self" cells, they become targets for the killer immune response. Killer Immune Responses = Autoimmune Reactions The immune system correctly identifies mutated cells, foreign proteins, and toxic chemicals that get "inside the body" as invaders that must be killed.nbsp; The killer immune response to mutated "self" cells is called an autoimmune response.nbsp; Because MUTATED CELLS replicate billions of times as replacement cells for what had been normal cells, a sustained autoimmune response becomes inevitable and leads to the autoimmune diseases and symptoms listed on this flyer. Why is this allowed to continue? Vaccination, the public health achievement of the 20th century, is based on a flawed but pervasive belief that presumes immune function can be improved by injecting toxic chemicals and foreign proteins into the body.nbsp; Yet modern science has proven that this medical procedure cannot be done without serious immunologic consequences. Why DO medical doctors and government agencies insist that vaccines continue to be mandated for our children? Did You KNOW. . .The pharmaceutical industry makes over 7 billion dollars each year from vaccines.nbsp; Over 200 new vaccines are being developed and many will to be added to the childhood vaccination list for guaranteed profits in the trillions of dollars. Did You KNOW. . .The pharmaceutical industry and medical professions make trillions of dollars in profit each year from drugs and medical treatment related to the diseases and conditions that result from autoimmune responses to vaccination. Did You KNOW. . .The only person that will protect you and your child from the government's continued use of outdated and dangerous vaccine technology is YOU!
The bottom line here is money. There are BIG, POWERFUL corporations lobbying congress to let them FORCE you to be injected with deadly poisonous cancerous abominations of archaic, primitive and totally virulent concoctions. Do these corporations have the right to kill our children and make us PAY them money for doing it? Are not our representatives elected to represent US? Why do they accept money and trips and jets and sex and perks from drug company lobbyists? You know why. So if you are going to get a shot, or allow your child (who's job it is for you to protect) to get a shot, at least agree that it should be by choice and not by force. For God's sake Mom, for God's sake Dad, think about what is happening behind closed doors before you let them inject your baby with something you haven't even bothered to look up in a book. Would you let a stranger in the street shoot your baby up with drugs? Well it's the same thing. These drug companies have been caught knowingly killing kids, over and over and over. FOR MONEY. Use your common sense. If you do not have common sense, then accept advice from someone who does. Do NOT trust corporations with your babies life. They do not have ANY interest in the welfare or health of you or your child. Believe that.

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