Friday, June 19, 2009

Web-bots, Prophets, and the Alien Invasion

Greetings sistren and heathen. June 21st and 22nd draw close. There is much speculation about cataclysmic events unfolding during this time period. Patriots Cave sees it as a coming and going of days, with nothing more than the usual news of the day. The real news about to be broke wide open is in regards to the return of Planet X in 2012. Many are convinced that this is a hoax. Patriots Cave is NOT one of those. It now appears as though their is indeed a massive object heading towards our star in some kind of extremely long cycle orbit. Astronomers claim to have spotted the object. The most recent photo available is presented for your viewing in the upper right corner of this post. What makes it even more interesting is that the U.S. military in the past few days has closed off their near-earth object sattelite photos to the public. This technology was before open to scientists for all to see and analyze. But now for some reason, the government has decided that something needs to be kept from the public regarding fast approaching earth-bound objects. Very strange indeed. What is more, last week, France announced that it will soon reveal confirmation that an extra-terrestrial presence has made contact with Earth. France has said they will announce to the world that aliens have arrived here on our planet. France has stated that some other nations are also set to reveal facts pertaining to the existance of intelligent life from beyond our planet. If you recall, a few years ago the Canadian defense minister made a public statement that the USA was going to start a war with E.T.s if it did not change its stance on how to deal with them. The press downplayed these remarks. Just Google-search "Canadian defense minister says US will start war with aliens", or something to that effect, and you can see it for yourself. There are some insiders who believe 2012 will be a time when inter-dimensional beings will be able to cross over into our plane of existence, in massive number, for an invasion. As far out as that sounds, there is a growing body of evidence to support such a theory. Many say 2012 will be just like Y2K. The difference is, Y2K was not predicted by the Mayan calander, the Tibetan mystics, the Hopi elders, the web-bot, the Timewave zero program, and other prophets and seers. Never before in history have so many souls had their eye on one particular date as they do on December 21st, 2012. Patriots Cave has a 2012 countdown widget below this posting area. Just scroll down until you see the big black 2012 countdown box. The suspense is going to be intense. That we can be sure of. Let us pray that day comes and goes as uneventful as did January 1st, 2000. Good Day.

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