Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 Days Left On the Countdown

Good day ladies and freaks, and welcome to The Cave. So yes, there are four days left on the countdown to Great Tribulation. This of course is by my calculations and probably does not reflect reality as you see it. But it might. We will find it out in four days. Yes? Yes. Four days to Midnight. Before I forget, I posted a quick video down below this post. Just scroll down when you are finished reading this, and check it down. This video should be played for every gelatin-brain believer of the 911 Commission Report. "Commission"? Hell yea it was a commission. Just like an artist is commissioned to paint a work of art, those spineless criminals were commissioned to "paint" a picture. Only it was not true. It was A LIE. And the 911 "commission" KNOWS it is a LIE. Pathetic. Anyway, check out the video below please. It is only a minute or two, but it is extremely damning to those who are hiding behind a web of lies regarding the events surrounding 911 and the total bullshit war on terror. All those young soldiers blood. Oh man. Just watch the film. I'm changing again. It must be the 40 year change. Because lately things just don't look like they did before. I'm more jaded. Haunted by an endless sorrow because we will all lose it all. Everyone you love, you will eventually leave. They will die, or you will die, first. If we go first, our loved ones are left in pain and despair. If they go first, we suffer. "Live in the moment" I am told. Enough with the catch phrases. I do live in the moment. But my spirit transcends the moment, forcing me to contemplate it all. And it brings sorrow. Even though our spirit lives forever, it brings sorrow. +++ There is this little boy named Tristan. The most peculiar kid. Very small, little rough-neck boy, real tough you know. He started coming around our place. He never smiled. But there was something about our place or our family he was drawn to. I became irritated with the boy, and ran him off I'm afraid. He would come back, come to the door, wanting in. I told him I was busy. ++ Tristan was in a car a few weeks ago with one adult and 5 other kids. There was a collision. Everyone but Tristan was killed instantly. Tristan died at the hospital. +++ Now I am feeling guilty with regret. I can't help but to feel that if I'd have invited him in my house that day, instead of being a selfish ass, that it would have changed the timing of everything, and Tristan would still be here. Riding that chopper style bike down our street. +++ They say if you don't love yourself, you can't love others. I don't know. Sometimes I really feel that I despise myself. But I feel love for friend and family. I guess its all part of becoming who I am. There is nothing so bitter as regret. 4 days to go on the countdown. Let's see what happens.

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