Friday, July 24, 2009

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks PAPUA NEW GUINEA
At 8:42 eastern standard time, tonight, July 24th, a major earthquake occured near the Solomon Islands. The quake registered a magnitude of 6.2, preliminary reports indicate. Use the link above to see the official USGS report. Due to the 24 time-zones, it is now Saturday in the Solomon Islands. Though it is still Friday here in Ohio at The Patriots Cave. Those of you who read Patriots Cave's Thursday July 23rd post (yesterday), will recall that the Patriots Cave made the specific astrological prediction that a major earthquake would strike today. The quake happened 3 hours ago, right now as I type this, it is 11:03 PM, Friday night, EST (Ohio time). So score one for the Patriots Cave. Stay tuned.

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