Wednesday, July 1, 2009

8 Days To Midnight

Greetings sistren and heathen, and good morning from The Patriots Cave, located inside Serpent Mound Hill, Ohio. Patriots Cave Bulletin: According to the scriptures, prophecy, oracles, psychics, the Mayan and Aztec calenders, and Timewave Zero, by our calculations, The Great Tribulation, will begin in 8 days. Our Earth is cruising through space-time at 66,600 mph. In 8 days it will enter that region of space-time known as The Great Tribulation. Again, this is by the unorthodox calculations and forecast methods of The Patriots Cave, so it could be totally inaccurate. I will be glad if the prediction is inaccurate. Patriots Cave will be monitoring the situation closely on July 8th, 9th, and 10th. Why 3 days? Because of timezones. My calculations do not account for specific timezones. So it could be July 8th in Ohio, but July 9th somewhere else in the world. No matter. We'll just keep an eye on the big picture and if something HUGE happens on July 9th, give or take 24 hours or so for time zones, then that will be a major indicator that Patriots Cave Prophecy Forecast Model (PFM) is accurate and that our planet is indeed in that region of space-time called The Great Tribulation. What kind of signs will Patriots Cave be looking for? Here are some possibilities: massive volcanic eruptions, not some minor volcano, it would have to be at least as powerful as Mt. St. Helen's. But if this is truly The Great Tribulation, a more convincing event would be the Yellowstone Mega-volcano erupting. Other indicators could be earthquakes high enough on the Richter scale to produce a cataclysmic tsunami. Artificial disasters also would qualify as indicators. Examples of artificial Tribulation indicators include the detonation of an atomic warhead, any 911 sized event, any significant declarations of war between nation-states, or unleashing of various weapons of mass destruction. Other more interesting proofs of our entry into The Great Tribulation would be world-wide UFO sightings, complete with detailed footage and close encounters of the third kind. Another thing to listen for in 8 days are announcements from the near-earth object programs who constantly monitor outer space for asteroids and comets on a collision course with our home planet. Also on the list are pandemics, mass disappearances, weather anomalies, revolutions, mass uprisings and/or supernatural or paranormal events. +++ Patriots Cave has a section of links called "Real time Situational Monitoring Links". Check it down. From those links you can keep an eye on the entire planet and beyond. +++ Justinist, my e-mail is, I would love to compare notes regarding prophecy and oracle reports. Thanks for your concern last week regarding Patriots Cave being off the air for a day. I am sorry about that. It was a technical mistake on my part. Please e-mail me with your results. +++ Patriots Cave invites you other readers out there to e-mail me, Joel the k, also. I especially would like to become friends and pen pals with people from other countries and continents. Hey Europe! What is going on? Send me an e-mail. What about Africa? Anyone ever been to Egypt? I'd love to hear your thoughts. What about Japan? Korea? Saudi Arabia? Mexico? South America? Sweden? Finland? The City in London? Hawaii? Canada? Panama? India? Oh India, how I would treasure a friend from India. There are so many lands I have not mentioned. If you would like Patriots Cave to do a small post on your country or region, just let me know. And if you don't want your e-mail published do not worry, I would only do that if you specifically request it. +++ One more thing for today. I want to direct your attention to a website and radio show called Truth Brigade. Monday night Christie the host of Truth Brigade interviewed Big John Lipscomb from . It was a great interview. Big John is preparing to launch a line of motorized bicycles that look AWESOME. One of them is going to be tough enough to go off-road, into the woods and down rough trails. An all-terrain motor-bike. That is the model I am now saving up for. Check back here to the cave often, as soon as Big John announces his Grand Opening for Strider-Rides, I will post banners here and post an article with pictures of the motor-bikes and descriptions also. Don't forget to check out Christie's kick ass radio program. Go to . Christie will be interviewing Michael Tsarion Thursday night at 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern. If you are not hip to Tsarion, scroll down until you see a little youtube video box with Michael Tsarion's name in the title, then check it down. Michael was raised in Ireland, born from I believe an Irish mom, and his Dad is from the Himalaya region of India. You do not want to miss Christie interviewing Michael Tsarion. I personally am extremely bitter that I must miss half of the show because I am scheduled to work. But I am grateful to be employed. I will catch the first hour on archives later. That is all from The Patriots Cave for now. Thank you for coming here to the Cave. Please shout us out to your Internet friends and don't forget to sign up in the little sign-up box over there on the right. And really don't forget to check out , where Christie will welcome special guest Michael Tsarion this Thursday night (tomorrow) at 7:00 pm central. Good day.

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