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Big John Lipscomb meets Alexander the Great - Redux

Greetings sistren and heathen. I posted a music video from Iron Maiden called "Alexander The Great". It is a fantastic song, with some of the best bass guitar work you can hear anywhere. Plus the lyrics appear on the screen as the music plays, so you can follow it. This song should be played for students of history everywhere, as it really does tell the story of Aleksandr accurately. Please give it a listen, I know you will enjoy it. After I posted the music video, I remembered that I posted a blog article months ago regarding Big John Lipscomb and Alexander The Great (both of whom I am a fan of), so I got reminiscent and decided to re-post that article. You may have missed it back when I originally posted it. Maybe not. Either way, it is one of the best posts to ever appear here in The Cave, so please take the 5 or 10 minutes required of your attention and read it mindfully. We will all be the better for it. Here it is: If the title of this post doesn't lure you in to the Patriots Cave, then what will?! Just kidding brethren and sistren. I have a real treat for you today. It may require a good bit of time and attention to read in its entirety, but you will be rewarded for so doing I assure thee. First I must tell you about the freshest films on Youtube right now, you have to see these films. Big John Lipscomb travelled down to Texas in January I believe it was, and gave an absolutely heart-felt speech about this Truth movement, this Patriot movement, and the essence of just what in God's Creation we are doing here. It is a brilliant talk. It is divided into 10 minute segments for Youtube. I say this: If you love Truth, Goodness, and our United States of America, Big John's talk will ignite a fire in your heart like it did in mine. I especially recommend those PatriotsCave readers who do not consider themselves part of the Truth movement to at least watch and listen to the first 10 minute segment, and just see if you can understand what is happening in that bookstore that day down in Texas. If you pay close attention, you will see something you have never seen before. Here is a quiklink to the Texas-talk: , just click link and you will be on Big John's youtube channel. Go to favorites and click "TEXAS PT.ONE". After part one you know you just look in the little menu window for part 2,3,4, and so on. I stayed up watching one after the next. It is a very interesting and entertaining talk. And alot more. So be sure to check it down. I have the first 6 segments on my PatriotsCave youtube channel, I will load the rest of Big John's talk on there today. Okay,... now,.. On to Big John Lipscomb Meets Alexander The Great. Alexander's campaign of conquest and glory led him to many great battles across thousands of miles and down countless roads, through land after land. Alexander was called "the Son of God". He was thought to be no less than the son of ZEUS himself. Alexander led his armies through the Khyber pass and into northern India in an attempt to conquer that most ancient of all lands. Here is one historical account of a conversation between Alexander's mouthpiece, and a guy in the woods. This guy in the woods had a simple but profound philosophy of life. He most definitely had drawn his line in the dirt. And Alexander was standing at the edge of that line. Here is what happened: Intensely interesting stories have been minutely recorded by Greek historians and others who accompanied or followed after Alexander in his expedition to India. The narratives of Arrian, Diodoros, Plutarch, and Strabo the geographer have been translated by Dr. J. W. M'Crindle3 to throw a shaft of light on ancient India. The most admirable feature of Alexander's unsuccessful invasion was the deep interest he displayed in Hindu philosophy and in the yogis and holy men whom he encountered from time to time and whose society he eagerly sought. Shortly after the Greek warrior had arrived in Taxila in northern India, he sent a messenger, Onesikritos, a disciple of the Hellenic school of Diogenes, to fetch an Indian teacher, Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila."Hail to thee, O teacher of Brahmins!" Onesikritos said after seeking out Dandamis in his forest retreat. "The son of the mighty God Zeus, being Alexander who is the Sovereign Lord of all men, asks you to go to him, and if you comply, he will reward you with great gifts, but if you refuse, he will cut off your head!"The yogi received this fairly compulsive invitation calmly, and "did not so much as lift up his head from his couch of leaves.""I also am a son of Zeus, if Alexander be such," he commented. "I want nothing that is Alexander's, for I am content with what I have, while I see that he wanders with his men over sea and land for no advantage, and is never coming to an end of his wanderings."Go and tell Alexander that God the Supreme King is never the Author of insolent wrong, but is the Creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls; He receives all men when death sets them free, being in no way subject to evil disease. He alone is the God of my homage, who abhors slaughter and instigates no wars."Alexander is no god, since he must taste of death," continued the sage in quiet scorn. "How can such as he be the world's master, when he has not yet seated himself on a throne of inner universal dominion? Neither as yet has he entered living into Hades, nor does he know the course of the sun through the central regions of the earth, while the nations on its boundaries have not so much as heard his name!"After this chastisement, surely the most caustic ever sent to assault the ears of the "Lord of the World," the sage added ironically, "If Alexander's present dominions be not capacious enough for his desires, let him cross the Ganges River; there he will find a region able to sustain all his men, if the country on this side be too narrow to hold him.4"Know this, however, that what Alexander offers and the gifts he promises are things to me utterly useless; the things I prize and find of real use and worth are these leaves which are my house, these blooming plants which supply me with daily food, and the water which is my drink; while all other possessions which are amassed with anxious care are wont to prove ruinous to those who gather them, and cause only sorrow and vexation, with which every poor mortal is fully fraught. As for me, I lie upon the forest leaves, and having nothing which requires guarding, close my eyes in tranquil slumber; whereas had I anything to guard, that would banish sleep. The earth supplies me with everything, even as a mother her child with milk. I go wherever I please, and there are no cares with which I am forced to cumber myself."Should Alexander cut off my head, he cannot also destroy my soul. My head alone, then silent, will remain, leaving the body like a torn garment upon the earth, whence also it was taken. I then, becoming Spirit, shall ascend to my God, who enclosed us all in flesh and left us upon earth to prove whether, when here below, we shall live obedient to His ordinances and who also will require of us all, when we depart hence to His presence, an account of our life, since He is Judge of all proud wrongdoing; for the groans of the oppressed become the punishment of the oppressor."Let Alexander then terrify with these threats those who wish for wealth and who dread death, for against us these weapons are both alike powerless; the Brahmins neither love gold nor fear death. Go then and tell Alexander this: Dandamis has no need of aught that is yours, and therefore will not go to you, and if you want anything from Dandamis, come you to him."With close attention Alexander received through Onesikritos the message from the yogi, and "felt a stronger desire than ever to see Dandamis who, though old and naked, was the only antagonist in whom he, the conqueror of many nations, had met more than his match." +++++++ Yes indeed cave-dwellers, Alexander had never before met such a one as this. Alexander did attack later on, but his mighty army was stopped cold by the Kshatriyas of Bharat, who rode not war-horses, but war elephants. The Indians would use female elephants for working and hauling and such. Only the most aggressive bull elephants were conscripted into the army. The bull elephants would have full body armor, complete with protruding blades and spikes. The tusks would be fitted with blades as well. The mahouts would give the war-elephants strong drink before a battle, until they were in a rage. The site of a legion of enraged bull war-elephants charging over the horizon, must have been a terribly glorious site to behold. It was too much for the Macedonians, though they fought valiantly. Alexander would advance no further on his campaign. He died in Babylon soon thereafter. The Patriots Cave salutes those brave souls from both armies. We here in America may soon be put to such a test. As we too are being invaded by the New World Order. It is time to set straight our soul. For we know not when death may come. What we do know is this: Each and every one of us must decide who we are fighting for; the evil ones, or the good ones. Avoidance of this question will no longer do. A revolution is brewing. There will be a reckoning. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Think about that. +++ Don't forget to watch the Alexander the Great Music video below!

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